The difference between life and death can be felt only by those who came face to face with the latest ...

Almost all of us know the pain of losing a loved one. Whatever did not talk about the healing power of time, a survivor is irreparable grief realizes that time passes, but the wound of the loss it will not blot out not heal, because this person is forever left its mark in your heart, in your soul and in your memory. There he is still alive, and you can not accept the fact that he is no longer physically close to you ...

It is a living soul cry readers. This is her response to the social video about the difference between life and death. From written shudder goes through the body ... This touching revelation of a woman who lost her husband. It is not a faceless words, but real emotion:

«When you wake up in the morning, go to the kitchen to make coffee to his beloved, when you bring a cup and find that he is dead - it's not even a shock ... It's a blast of your life ... You have this cup slides down the door, then take off the entrance in her nightgown, calling to the neighbors ... They come ... turn a blind eye to your beloved, you are taken with a cup of coffee from shaky hands, put on your robe and her dead husband ... go. You stay in nothingness. Like a bad dream continues ... We need to go to the hospital for the death certificate. After hiking to the morgue where corpses good openers offer to go to the gym and look at the body, then it will be drunk a bottle of some soothing drops, then again trek to the morgue to bring clothes ... Then ... What am I doing? About personal ... Social advertising has no effect on me. Already ... No, I have not hardened. I went through it. And survived. As promised - decent. I was afraid to stay in the apartment where he died? No. He loved me. He taught me to be honest and strong. I was not afraid. At night I cried along with his dog. And then we were hiding from the cold under a blanket ... My windows orchid died of cold ... Life continues ... People appreciate every moment of life with your loved ones. Not so simple as in public service announcements ... Nothing can not be repeated ». I>

Wade deeply ... It is familiar to those who came face to face with death. But you realize that you have to pull yourself together. Life goes on ... Yes, it is full of grief and loss, but because there were so many pleasant and unforgettable moments with the departed person, which are expensive! Think as if he was upset when he saw that you still can not recover from his losses and just throw up their hands ... Live, love, rejoice life, remember those who are no longer with us and live for those who are around you, give love to their loved ones and Appreciate every moment, because it is unique! Be strong, because it taught you the one who is no longer there ... He fulfilled his mission on earth and gave you a good life lesson.

Yes, everything in the world has its own physical end, but if it lives in our memories and hearts, it is - forever! Share this cry from the heart to the other, prices of those close to you and take care of in memory of those who, alas, no ...

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