This guy is paralyzed. But when you see that he wrote with one finger, you'll be amazed!

In Keyshela Gardner spinal muscular atrophy. He can not breathe on their own, move, eat and talk. But the guy does not give up. Rather, he wants to tell us that each person is ideal, being the way it is. One guy finger printed a message that computer to convert into a synthesized digital voice. What he wrote, touched to tears ...

«Who am I? The human brain is incredible. It can create images, while we read or listen to some description. I imagine the animator or a writer who creates characters. When he is working on their character, he starts to imagine how it will look like heroes. I wonder how you imagine me while reading this. I am a computer expert. Web Designer. Motivational speaker. Inspiring writer. Avid gamers. I'm friends with the wonderful people of different ages, origins and lifestyles from around the world. I am a funny, witty and somewhat sarcastic. I'm an optimist. I am a philanthropist. I believe in God. But most of all I want to change the world and make other people happy. I want to make people love themselves as they are, and exactly the same attitude towards others, because each person has a value. Can you imagine what I look like and how old I am? And the sound of my real voice? It looks like I on the person with whom you would like to meet and make friends? I hope so. i>

And here I am. My name Keyshel. I have already mentioned that, among other things, I'm paralyzed? But you see, I do not think it - my fault. I believe that when God created me, he wanted me to do just this. Up to the last detail, including spinal muscular atrophy. SMA - it is also a part of me. Without any details, part I, I will be inferior. I - Keyshel, and I am happy that I am - this is me. Please remember: love yourself as you are. Without any component you will cease to be myself. And I'm willing to bet that you are - beautiful ». I>

We admire outlook and spirit of this guy. Most people are constantly dissatisfied with something and complain because of the little things. They look for flaws in himself and in others, not realizing that everyone is beautiful in their own way.

Features Keyshela Gardner limited, but he sees no obstacles for themselves. He loves life and takes from it all. We should have a lot to learn from him.

This video is a touching and motivating at the same time. Be sure to share it with your friends.


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