If you think that this guy goes on the rocks, you are deeply mistaken ... Amazing trip!

I guess we all once walked on the frozen pond. We used to see the snow under your feet, or a thick layer of cloudy ice, through which nothing can be seen. But those tourists who have visited in the High Tatras (Slovakia) lucky much more: they were able to walk on the surface of the frozen crystal-clear Strbske Lake - the second largest lake on the Slovak side of the High Tatras, situated at an altitude of 1350 m. It's incredible, but the ice on the pond is completely transparent! Oh, how I wanted it to look like and feel it for yourself! .. Eyeful ...

What a beauty! The lake surface is transparent as glass, and gives the impression that a person goes through the air. But these landscapes! .. It seems, now I know where to spend your winter holiday.

Be sure to show this video to a friend - they will certainly have to learn about this wonderful corner of nature!



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