That's where the most profitable business in the world. The shocking truth about how to make the poor.

You do not see anything wrong with a lot of money to feed the beggar who asks for alms in the subway? I hasten to disappoint you, if you do so, do not help others, and you feed the most lucrative business in the world. At the same time you support slavery, human exploitation and fraud. He wants to put everything on the shelves, to tell the truth about how the circuit works very prosperous business in the open spaces of our country. It turns out that beggars have their clans, and even a professional slang. This information will make you a good think before you once again to give alms to a beggar.

1. Did you know that the earnings of beggars many as 15-20 thousand rubles a day? Moreover, revenues often depend on the soundness of the approach. If mom asks for money for an operation for a child, it should be psevdodokumenty confirming the diagnosis, baby pictures, and look, of course, begging to be neat for people to believe it. If it is a cripple, his appearance should be, on the contrary, the most pathetic and regrettable.

2. Remember, the subway and near large temples all beggars operate under a "master", and not for themselves. In these places it is impossible to be just and to beg - you to immediately expel those who "hold" this is the place.

3. The poor often use animals for their own purposes. These beggars are usually in the transitions. Compassion for animals in humans wakes up often, so "feed" served willingly.

4. Incidentally, the beggars have their professional slang that not everyone will understand. For example, a mother with a sleeping baby in her arms called "Madonna." These children are constantly under the influence of sleeping pills. Most often, the "boss" buys them from disadvantaged families. The cost of one such child in an average of 100 000 rubles.

5. Beggars major cities are often divided into two categories: cheaters and slaves. Rent room for cheaters is 7-10 thousand rubles a day.

6. According to the information service of internal security, about 40% of beggars are held and forced to work for food. The most common victims are refugees from the province, which simply have nowhere to go in the big cities.

7. Have you ever watched a beggar who gave alms? Know grandmother, wrapped in scarves and rags hung over, often an attractive young woman. The secret is that they were forced to kneel all day, without lifting his head - to the elderly people are usually very compassionate.

8. Separate the clan of beggars are those who allegedly connected with religion. If you see a man in a cassock, collecting money to build the temple, he probably - a crook. There are many cases when such "priests" turned out to be none other than zekami four convictions behind.

9. At the end of the day a miracle happens: many cripples "healed" rise from wheelchairs and leaving their feet. By the way, the crippled are the highest caste in the "impoverished" business, because mafia bring the lion's share of income.

10. The vast number of "owners", puts the poor in places, the police pay to those fronting them. Therefore, business is booming, and everybody is happy.

After reading this information, you have to wonder what and who served. If you really want to help much in need, it is better not to give him money and food. I can also advise you to try to speak to the poor, make up your mind before you give alms. And no need to ask banal questions, and those that are difficult to prepare answers in advance. So you will be able to distinguish need from fraud. Please do not forget to share this important information with all. Everyone must know this!

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