Phrases Russian language, which will drive crazy any foreigner ... They just do not understand us!

It's no secret that our great and mighty refers to one of those languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat are difficult for foreigners. One designer from the Netherlands, once observed that: "The Russian language - sounds that have published a cat, put her in a box full of marbles: squeak, squeal and a complete mess." Even if a resident of another country for a long time trying to learn all the intricacies of the Russian language, there are phrases and expressions, which are able to drive it to a dead end.

Imagine the poor fellow's eye-foreigner when you answer his question our favorite "No, probably." Yes, he just breaks the brain! And that's not to mention such phenomena as the "great human thanks" (as if there is non-human), "Come, see you tomorrow!" (It is not clear who, when should give), "Old New Year" (already have been determined, finally, what he is), "To die - do not stand up!" (and it was necessary to come up with a way to express admiration), "Good riddance!" (good alternative to send to hell), "Let's run" (which we have vsyo still do that?) and many other gems that only we understand.

If you think the Russian language logical, try to explain to a foreigner why a fork is on the table, a glass stands, and bird sitting on a tree. Take a look at a selection of humorous greeting cards that prove that the great and mighty clear to the end only to those who believe his family.

And one little nuance. In addition to brilliant phrases that could think only of our people, there is one more thing that makes the aliens cry. And that ... Russian italics.

Yes, probably, it is not easy to account for foreigners, when they begin to explore our great and mighty. They will long to guess what they want from the Russian when the offer "to send go to buy a drink." And the phrase "quickly ran to the store and bought me a pack of cigarettes" - the most that neither is an order, not a story in the past tense. Oh, no wonder they say that the Russian language has a soul. Apparently, not everyone can touch her.

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