This struck a pregnant model of the figure. You will not believe how it looks on the 7th month!

This 30-year-old underwear model named Sarah Stage now eight and a half months pregnant. At this very hard to believe when you see her perfect figure without a gram of fat and with very little tummy on which appear the cubes press.

Apparently, Sarah really cares about his appearance and leaves no exercise and diet even in such "interesting" position. Moreover, the woman continues to take part in photo shoots and share your photos in Instagram. It seems that with the beginning of pregnancy, her life has not changed one bit. But is it good for children? I hope she does not forget to take care of him.

Sarah Stage 30 years. She lives and works in Los Angeles. B>

No one believes that a woman eight months pregnant.

Even now, she continues to sit on a diet and do sports.

In this photo Sarah in the seventh month.

Usually pregnant women have body fat, but not in this case.

Many support girl, considering that the right to lead the kind of lifestyle during pregnancy. But who knows whether it is good for the child? B>

This is Sarah's lunch. Here, chicken, spinach and quinoa. B>

The woman continues to model the activity.

Compare the little belly of Sarah and the other an ordinary belly of a pregnant woman model.

Let's hope that the baby will be born healthy.

Very well, when the woman continues to take care of yourself and not eat up everything just because she got pregnant. But food and sports load is always better to discuss with your doctor that it did not go to harm the baby. For the sake of Zdorovenki rosy-cheeked toddler and can gain a couple of extra kilos.

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