PREGNANCY and Ayurveda.

During pregnancy, the expectant mother recommends that in addition to the basic diet:

In 1 month to drink plenty of unboiled milk. This month, the head of the fetus is developing.

In 2 months to drink boiled milk with sweet herbs. This month, developing hands and feet of the fetus.

3 months to drink milk with honey and ghee (clarified butter and honey should be taken in different quantities). This month, growing nails, hair and genitals of the fetus.
4 months drinking milk and butter. This month, the institutions of blood, flesh, bones, bone marrow, skin and seed.

At 5 months there is ghee. The child begins to move.

At 6 months, there is melted butter with sweet herbs (to make a strong decoction of herbs, then slowly cooked with butter until all the water evaporates).

In the 7th month is the same as in the second. Avoid what ails wool. For example: dry food, lettuce, spinach, potatoes, bitter substances, stress, gossip, stress, long-term movement, traveling. Prevent constipation. If necessary, do an enema with oil, so that the body does not dry up.

At 8 months, there is more cereals (milk and cereals, but without honey).

At 9 months is the same as that in the 8th. If you want to make oil enema. This not only prevents constipation, but also humidifies the inside, which makes the birth canal soft and flexible. For this is also inserted into the vagina swab of cotton soaked in oil.

Milk and dairy products are very helpful during pregnancy. Milk increases other kinds of food, and also purifies the blood and strengthens the mind and memory. Milk is "rasayanoy" - food containing the power of the mind, the youth and flexibility. The great sage and educator of our time Srila Prabhupada said that milk should be drunk in small sips, and hot, but not scalding. Then it will contribute to the development of memory and fine fabrics of the brain of the baby.


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