We know how many there are no contraindications in pregnancy. This is another list of things that should be avoided during pregnancy, following the Vedic tradition:

1. Potent drugs because they harm the health of the child.
2. overabundance of vitamins, since the child is too large, which increases the chance of cesarean section.
3. Too much sleep and idle. The child will be born lazy risks.
4. uncomfortable seats, suppression of natural needs (not only urination, bowel movements, but also sneezing, yawning, etc.). This will cause illness in a child watts.

5. Too many sweets. The child will be weak kidneys.
6. Too much salt. Hair baby early posedeyut.
7. Too many acute. The child will be weak.
8. Too much acid. The child will be weak vessels, frequent bleeding and poor wound healing.
9. Too much bitter. The child will be thin.
10. Too much binder. The child will be constipation.
11. Avoid looking into a deep well, scary movies, drama, tragedy, horror, encounters with criminals, immoral people, jerks in the car and the plane, listen to unpleasant sounds, sleep on the ground and in the open or on the floor, to be present at the death of animals and humans.
12. not sleep on his back. The umbilical cord may be twisted and the child does not get enough food.
13. insults, scandals, shouting, beating and physical attack.
14. It is during pregnancy is completely eliminated.
15. Sadness and grief. The child will experience an irrational fear.
16. To think ill of others, criticize. The child is unsociable, aloof, hostile to others and envious.
17. Steal. The child will be lazy and evil.
18. Anger. The child is cruel, cunning, deceitful, envious and jealous.
19. Any intoxication (alcohol, cigarettes, tea (not herbal), coffee and cocoa).
20. chatter meaningless materialistic conversations.
21 Also, the mother should avoid any overload, over-eating or fasting.


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