Nobody dares to stay in this hotel for 70 years. Its walls hold a terrible secret ...

In white light, there are many mysterious places that hold the secrets. Sometimes it feels bad that the building could not speak, otherwise they would have told many interesting things to mankind, will put everything in its place. Alas, our generation often have only guess about what was happening in various locations in the old days.

You probably did not know that the world's largest hotel has as many as 10 000 rooms. This unreal figure is even hard to imagine. But this is not the only thing that distinguishes it from other hotels in the world. You'll be shocked, but since the construction has been more than 70 years in this hotel never been a single guest. It will not be long torment you in riddles and tell the story of the legendary hotel complex "breakthrough", which was never destined to become what it was conceived during the construction.

This giant hotel complex is located on the German island of Ruegen, which is washed by the waters of the Baltic Sea.

┬źbreakthrough" stretches almost five kilometers along the beach and is 150 meters from the sea.

The complex consists of eight identical buildings. All of them were built in the period from 1936 to 1939. Nazis in the framework of the Reich "Strength through Joy┬╗.

In this powerful giant vovzedenie it involved the largest construction companies in Germany and more than nine thousand of workers. B>

Hitler had huge plans for a "breakthrough" - he wanted to create the largest and most spectacular beach resort in the world, which would be 20 thousand hotel rooms. However, the ambitions of the dictator and was not destined to become a reality. B>

It was planned that all the windows in the rooms are facing the sea, and the hallways and bathrooms are located on the left side of the building. In each room you were supposed to be two beds, a closet and a sink. B>

You can see that on the floors of the hotel were located toilets, showers and a fairly extensive lobby. In the center of the resort complex planned to build a huge building that could be converted into a military hospital in the event of war. B>

When the war began after all the construction workers were mobilized and deployed at the arms factories, so the construction of the hotel had to be postponed indefinitely.

During the mass bombing of Hamburg, many residents found shelter in one of the blocks of the hotel. A little later, a "breakthrough" took refugees from the east of the country. By 1945, these buildings housed an auxiliary air force female staff. B>

What is the future of this unfinished hotel complex? After the war, a "breakthrough" was used as a military outpost for the Army of the GDR. And in the 1990s, here we found shelter many refugees from the Balkans. B>

It is known that not so long ago one block of the huge complex was turned into a hostel for 400 people. The German government plans to remake "breakthrough" into a modern resort with swimming pools, tennis courts and a shopping and entertainment center. B>

That's the history of this mysterious place. Like it or not, when you look at such a huge abandoned building, getting a little creepy. It's more like some kind of barracks than a cozy room at the hotel where I would like to stay. It is difficult to imagine what would happen if all the ambitious plans of Hitler would be embodied in a reality. On the other hand, this hotel complex there is a chance of a second life.

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