14 coolest collages of how our world has changed. It's crazy, you do not even notice!

«He will come, it will be kind, gentle, the wind of change» i> - sung in all the beloved Soviet film of Mary Poppins. Looking at what is happening around, it's safe to say that our planet is not something that walked breeze and powerful hurricane changes. Undoubtedly, over the last hundred years, mankind has invented so many things, how many people do not come up for all previous time. Scientific and technological progress does not stand still, today, and tomorrow supernovae are a relic of the past.

However, it should be noted that the emergence of sophisticated new technologies and devices, and also changes the human mind. Is twenty years ago people could not imagine that in the near future a variety of outdoor games children are traded for throwing out another friend emoticons on smartphones, romantic dinner, turn into a banal photo report eaten food in Instagrame and best friend will be called the one who is most " laykaet "your page in social networks. Joking aside, but offers you a selection of humorous look at how things have changed in just some few decades. It's crazy how time flies!


Hard disk

cool movie


Active leisure on

Children's toys


Computer games

Mobile Phones


Romantic dinner with loved ones


Social Networks

Games in the yard

It's certainly fun, but, on the other hand, even a little sad. After all, you do not know already what to expect tomorrow and how it will look our daily lives through the decades. «Everything flows, everything changes» i>, - said the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus. His hair stood on end would be, if he knew how fast this is happening today.

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