11 stunning collages of how life changes after the wedding. Understand the only family ...

«And they lived happily ever after. And separately » i> - a very topical tale of modern family life. According to statistics, more than half of marriages break up in the end, will not suffer severe sobering reality and everyday life. The candy buketny period in all everything is fine: man - the most long-awaited prince descended from the pages of a fairy tale, and the girl - kind, nice, beautiful and economic Cinderella, ready to do anything for his beloved. Later, however, it is such that the stamp in the passport sharply turns heir to the throne in a lazy creature, wallowing on the couch all day, and the fair maiden is quickly becoming one more snake in the grass.

Whatever it was, the team believes that the devil is not so terrible as he is painted. Yes, in life, especially matrimonial, anything can happen: grief and joy. Our online magazine has prepared for you a delicious selection of bright collage about what happens to the couple before the wedding, and after a harsh aunt remarked legendary in the registry office, "I now pronounce you husband and wife." I wonder if you recognize yourself in them?


Things that bring

blissful sleep

Hike to the supermarket



The long-awaited vacation


Joint pastime

After working

trip to the theater

What do you think, like a reality or not? As you can see, in family life has its charms, who can not understand someone who is not related by marriage. In any case, we must remember that you yourself create the right atmosphere at home. Make an effort to your marriage it was really like a fairy tale with a happy ending, not the worst nightmare. And do not forget to share this selection of collages with all friends. Family people that post exactly will like!

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