How to clean the Earth?

The same with the help of tears, but tears completely different dimension compared to human tears!

The land is cleared in two ways: by means of fire and with water. Some countries are cleansed with fire, others - with the help of water, as some energy - some low vibration - should be cleaned with water, others - fire.

I show something that I find it hard to explain in words, I saw the earth and some energy, reminiscent of the nebula. There are several layers, with the darkest layers are very close to the Earth.
"Some of these nebulae, represents the energy, can be thoroughly cleaned with water, and the other (depending on the country and on the energy emanating from the thought-forms of people living there) should be cleaned with fire; it is possible that there are countries that need to be cleaned, and fire, and water.

More some time the planet Earth will "shake", making it clear to people that it is time to stop creating thought forms of fear, suffering and violence. Once people realize this and begin to emit far fewer of these thought forms, set the rest: the earth will return to a state of rest, the elements of the elements is also calm down.

Everything must be done for everything to happen, whether it's the will of the people or the will of those who control the planet Earth! This may happen more gently or hard, but everything has to happen in a relatively short period of time.

Look closely at the people around you, you will see that many of them are now very affected, do not understand what is going on and totally destabilized. They are no longer able to cope with their lives, having lost all faith in it. Such a situation can not last for a few decades, because it creates too much suffering, whether at the level of planetary consciousness, or at the level of being, because people thought forms affect the various kingdoms, even the mineral kingdom is suffering from human thoughts.

Do not forget that human thought can be both creative and destructive. Creative - Evolving - the idea comes from the higher consciousness of people from their souls, of their divine particles and destructive - involutive - the idea comes from the lower consciousness of man. Imagine a huge mass of energy generated by your thoughts, which fill the space of your world! Very sensitive and susceptible people may suffer from all these thought forms, because they are their feelings and may even intregrirovat them in their lives against their will.

Control your thoughts! When the idea of ​​a low vibration appears in your mind, then immediately dissolve it in the Light and Love.

When people realize the great power of thought and great strength of mind, united together, they will understand why their world is so poorly functioning, why it does not function normally, nothing. Given this state of life and consciousness, people of good will can do is little, but vplone possible that in the near future all the people will wake up. In the very near future, people may realize the power of creativity, the power of love that is within them, and then the transition of life in the right direction can be realized in just a few minutes.

Be vigilant with respect to the thought forms. Remember, thought forms, combining with all like-minded thought forms, can create huge force egregor: egregor constructive, leading mankind into the Light and Love, or egregor destructive, severely hindering the flight of Humanity up.

So try to think positive!

The mission of the person, including, includes: to realize that he continually generates thousands and millions of children whose name is "thought»!

Your thoughts - they are real creatures that you send to the world, not realizing it.

The great hope

We want you to give great hope! Be aware that people vary widely due to the assistance of your souls, with the help of what we are, and help your guides! Mankind has greatly changed! Everything changes in you and around you, even though you do not very much.

See what happens on your planet: the climate is completely lost. We have said to you: "In the end times, before moving into the Light of the Earth, the land is no longer able to feed their children, but not because of overpopulation, which really exists, and because the climate is not what it once was. Seasons and various kingdoms will also be unbalanced, as if everything will work, but only for a while and at the same time a bit chaotic, as chaotic as people. »

Before the beginning of some changes, people will act more erratically; That's why many deliberately go out of life (we prefer to speak about the intention to leave, not wanting to use a different word), because some people have such chaos within chaos in the mind that they are no longer able to cope with life in the third dimension; they prefer to shorten the period of his life, which is certainly a mistake, but in this new cycle that you start, there is nothing from the old reality.

We certainly do not approve of the deliberate withdrawal from life, because it is one of the ways the failure of his life experiences. We just want to say that in these times of the Lords of Karma is much more forgiving: given the huge mass of energy that is becoming a living in this world, life becomes harder and more complicated than ever it was.

Remember, children of the Earth, you have everything you need within you, you are of great assistance, based on the same support; take all coming changes, even if they do not understand you; Set yourself every day to move forward in the Light, wisdom and love. Never rebellion, even in the case of very difficult and confusing for you to experience life! Just take, be in a state of acceptance.

Many people are becoming aware of their own change, the emergence of something else in them. And many of them are quite confused: they feel that they are not in place, that their life is full of gaps and voids; they do not understand where they are going, what they are and how to be further.

Gradually, everything will become clear in the minds of people whose lives will be better understood, and they will be less to ask questions and suffer less.

Do you often have moments of "fallout" from reality; and you can see that these moments of loss and oblivion moments are not connected with any irregularities in the functioning of your human body, they are simply the result of the huge changes and transformations that humanity resides.

The child who comes into this world to suffer and cries in the womb of his mother he was so well protected, and comes into this world, it needs to adapt to the very different energies that are incredibly heavy for his body, compared with the energies of the world where it is It was.

Yes, labor is the world of dense matter, and also difficult transformation are lived in today everyone involved; more comfortable to live in a well-known and familiar to you the world than let go, you leave everything familiar to go towards unknown horizons. But precisely therein lies your destiny as a people, if you want to meet with a big, very very big family of your Galactic Brothers.

Having good health

In terms of health should always visualize yourself in excellent condition and never have any doubts about your perfect health! Once you have doubts, then you begin to radiate thought, the opposite of what you strive for.

What do you call poor health, in fact, is not peculiar to human nature. Just thinking constantly about health problems, you are impregnated with these thoughts, our consciousness, and thus the body. You all the time afraid of something: once you get some kind of discomfort in the body, you immediately think of with fright "disease».

In general, it is normal - so responsive, it is human, but try to go beyond this operation! Track stole the idea of ​​disease and warn its proliferation in the mind, saying: "My body is functioning well, I have good health!" If you say, "I have good health," you are programming it in yourself. So you can always maintain good health program. If you say, "All I got sick, I have a sore and there and here", then you ask the program to poor health in itself!

It is necessary to understand and learn how you function in this regard. Of course, before you will gain perfect health, you need to work out some of the energy that is already embedded in you and that you want to convert into light energy. Since your cells are impregnated with the energies of fear and apprehension of previous life experiences, they must be reprogrammed, and install the new program is possible only at a constant fill them with Light.

Those whom you call "teacher" or "The Great Initiates" know the effect of thought and all the implications of this, they did not need medication, they healed themselves. However, they do not even need to heal themselves, as they are always visualized myself perfectly healthy, both at the level of their physical as well as at the level of subtle bodies.

The program is perfect health is defined not only on the level of the physical body, but at all levels at once, including at the level of the three subtle and very important bodies: etheric body, emotional body and the mental body. You can not start a program of excellent health, while the soul is immersed in suffering!

Therefore it is necessary to constantly work on the preservation of peace and rest in you, keeping them inside.

If you set a program for health, in a state of anxiety, suffering and fear, you will not get: health program will not work because you are not counterbalanced inwardly insufficiently released.

So first you need to do work on awareness and letting go. This work does wonders such incredible that you can not even imagine.

We repeat: it is necessary for the successful operation to remove all mental suffering and injury, you must listen to yourself and keep track of their inner life.

Employees of Light offers the experience of spiritual experiences. Of course, they will be different for each of you for will depend on the level of openness of your mind.

"Having the experience of spiritual experiences" means you get more access to the awakened consciousness, to a better understanding of its work in the higher plane, and to feel even more love, deep within you.

However, if you're really upset about something, you can not feel these transformative experiences you have, you will not be able to feel his "Decree of the direction" towards greater openness of consciousness on a spiritual level.

Therefore, we again and again ask you: let go of what was and what is no more; letting go of their past problems, you will be able to free up the maximum energy necessary to build on what you get, for the construction of its new future, a new formation.

When you think too much about the past, there is a loss of energy, the energy that you so needed at this time of great transformation rights at all levels. We add: at this time of great transformation of all life on Earth, and all life in your solar system, your galaxy and universe.

Everything changes, we have said many times about this. Everything is constantly changing in the direction of ascension. Creation is constantly changing and each time the better, because the source of all works in the direction of greater beauty and perfection.

The light will penetrate more and more even at the lower levels, so that all that is now at the lowest level, also raised a few steps up.

It is important that you are able to move forward on a new path that opens before you. You feel it, you will hear his call. Over time, you do not want to look back and see everything that was prezhito you in this life and in past lives.

All your past will be written off (in a good way) in accordance with the level of openness of your mind, in compliance with the energy you get and who are able to integrate. We do not want to say that you will not remember anything, just all experienced difficulties will be credited if you strive to be open mind to accept and to releasing.

The important thing is that in this way you can pay off your weathered the difficulties of the past and your past lives. "


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