She was hit by a boy and got out only to tell him that ... just the height of cynicism!

One sunny morning, 17-year-old Taron Steed went on bike ride. Nothing really no signs of trouble ... Suddenly out of the corner came a silver car, knocked the boy and fled the scene. Bloodied Taron remained lying on the pavement ...

How did you find out later in the car was a woman. The reason she did not stop to help the boy, so stupid and cynical, she just does not fit in the head of a reasonable person. At the ill-fated morning she bring up their children to school. When the woman realized that someone was hit, she even got out of the car ... Warning! Not to provide assistance to the boy and call an ambulance, but only to see if she is not much damage your car during a collision. Hussy said Taron, she in a hurry and do not want that kind of bloody boy upset her children to school, and then demonstratively sat in the car and took to their heels.

Gore-place where shot down Taron Steed. Fortunately, soon after the accident, the staff of the University of Sheffield have noticed a poor boy and immediately called an ambulance and the police. B>

Taron miraculously managed to survive. According to the boy, he saved the life of a safety helmet. This photo was taken the boy's mother, Naomi Pokard, immediately after the accident. Woman published a photo on the web and called for Internet users to help in the search for unscrupulous criminals. B>

Unfortunately, the police did not manage to find the culprit of the accident, to call it to account. But the story that happened to Taron, should be a lesson for many. It should not have no shame, no conscience, to bring down child and cynically left him lying on the road waiting for certain death ... You must not keep quiet about it! So that justice is done, tell me about this terrible event the public - share articles with their friends.

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