This guy 3 years is my friend to school and back. Incredibly soulful story!

For over 3 years, the 18-year-old Chinese man is my friend to school and back. The fact that Zhang Shi muscular dystrophy. This disease deprived him of the possibility to move independently. But his best friend Xie Xu decided he did not leave a friend in trouble. Already as many as 3 years, he not only wears it to school and back, but also takes with him in the coffee shop and go out with him for a change.

Thanks to his friend Zhang Shi never missed a lesson. Both boys show very good results in their studies, and served us all a good example of what should be the true kindness, friendship and selflessness.

For 3 years 18-year-old Xie Xu is his 19-year-old classmate in school and back.

Y Zhang Shi muscular dystrophy, so it can not move on their own.

But best friend is always there to support him in the literal and figurative sense!

This moving story shows how good people are with us. This amazing man from the heart helps his friend that he had the same opportunities in life as everyone else. Chinese act worthy of admiration! Share this story warms the soul with your friends!


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