18 encouraging statements genius Gabriel Garcia Marquez. That sinks right in the heart ...

We are all fortunate to be contemporaries of the writer and magician ... Gabriel Garcia Marquez left the world of 17 April 2014, but left behind a priceless legacy. Why magician? Marquez - the brightest representative of this direction in the literature as magical realism - are fantastic elements are closely intertwined with everyday reality. His works are sometimes difficult to understand, and all of them are shrouded in mysticism and magic. They are difficult to find the line between fiction and reality. Reading his novels, you plunge into the realistic world of illusions. And do not be afraid of such an oxymoron ... This ordinance, which now and then to solve as a puzzle. Garcia Marquez would like to re-read again and again.

This 18 active quotes cult contemporary writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez ... words that sink into the soul, and remain forever in the tables of the heart!

If you used to open the "One Hundred Years of Solitude" and hurriedly shut, because I thought that this reading is only for the elite, I hope, I am now fanned mysticism Marquez became you a little closer, and you will take even for those of his immortal works as "Love in the Time Cholera "or" Nobody writes to the Colonel. " Instills a sense of beauty to his friends - to share with them these verbal pearls.

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