15 Tips for all occasions by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. The wise words of the greatest man!

Gabriel Garcia Marquez - an outstanding Colombian writer and Nobel Prize for Literature, the man whose name is inscribed in golden letters in the history of literature of XX century. His works are read all over the world because they are shrouded in myths and mysteries and want to re-read again and again. Marquez told a lot of humanity, told dozens of fairy tales of his magical world in which people are able to love and live in the present. Even in war and in time of plague. Therefore, I collected for you 15 wise counsel of this delightful man.

We must listen to the voice of the child, whom you were once, and that there is still somewhere inside you. If we listen to the child within us, our eyes will rediscover shine. If we are not to lose connection with this child, not break, and our connection with life. Em>

Do not worry. Die harder than it looks. Em>

The main thing in the life of society - to be able to be controlled by fear, the main thing in the life of the couple - to be able to be controlled by boredom. em>

I do not wear a hat to her before anyone not shoot. em>

Any fool not mad if to listen to his arguments. em>

If the something involved a woman, I know that everything will be fine. I am quite clear that women rule the world. Em>

The great disaster always generated great abundance. They make people want to live. Em>
It's never too late. em>

A minute of reconciliation is worth more bosom friendship. em>

Do not let yourself die without experiencing this miracle - to sleep with someone you love. em>

These stubby tips full of life wisdom, and because of this, they will help you cope with the difficulties that may lie in wait for you in the future. Share these statements with your friends!

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