58 golden principles of Gabriel Garcia Marquez

In memory of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, we have collected 58 gold principles and quotes about different aspects of life. Blockquote>

Gabriel Garcia Marquez - the legendary Colombian writer and Nobel Prize in Literature in 1982. Representative literary movement "magic realism". Gabriel ambiguous personality, saying his first stories helped write the girls of easy virtue, and later he received an award from Dmitry Medvedev and the nickname "The Latin American prophet." We heard a lot about him because of his novel "One Hundred Years of Solitude" and articles about the most valuable in life in his last days, although someone said that it was not his article. Nevertheless, he was a forceful personality whose opinion should be heeded, as did his friend Fidel Castro.

Here are 58 golden principles of Gabriel Garcia Marquez, which he shares with his descendants:

The rules of life h5>
  1. Believe someone who knows how to sympathize with.
  2. Never give orders, if not sure that it will perform!
  3. The dream did not eat, but it is enough.
  4. Do not make so much effort, all the best happens unexpectedly.
  5. Be a better and understand who you are before you meet a new person and hope that he will understand you.
    Statement h5>
    1. I do not wear hats, so to anybody it does not shoot.
    2. It is not possible in the end not be what you think others.
    3. When I Feel I really bad, I would not count on anyone. I did throw myself in the trash.
    4. I'm trying to prevent unpleasant surprises. Prefer stairs escalators. Anything - airplanes.
    5. To those who ask me, I always say the truth: the corrupt women have left me no time to get married.
      On Happiness h5>
      1. There is no medicine that can cure that can cure happiness.
      2. Smile, do not bring in the lurch pleasure.
      3. I've learned that everyone wants to live on a mountain top without realizing that true happiness awaits him on the descent.
      4. Easily mined happiness can not last long.
        About Love h5>
        1. irresistible force that moves the world, it is not a happy love, and love is unhappy.
        2. Be a better and understand who you are before you meet a new person and hope that he will understand.
        3. The weak will never enter the kingdom of love, the laws of this kingdom are harsh, women give themselves a brave and resolute men, they promise them reliability, and this is what a woman needs in life. li >
        4. The main thing in the life of society - be able to manage the fear, the main thing in the life of the spouses - be able to manage boredom
        5. The worst thing about poverty - that's what makes it speak the truth.
        6. If you love something - let go. If it's yours - it will come back.
        7. Just because someone does not love you the way you want, does not mean that he does not love you with all my soul.
        8. None person deserves your tears, and the ones who deserve it, not make you cry.
        9. Perhaps in this world you're only human, but to someone you - the whole world.
        10. Do not waste your time on a man who does not care spending it with you.
        11. If you meet your true love, then it is up to you is not going anywhere - not in a week or a month or a year. < /
        12. Jealousy - that Swedish Match, illuminated only by its own box.
        13. The worst way to miss someone - is to be with him and realize that he will never be yours. < Where is poverty, there is love ...
        14. People think that they stop falling in love when they grow old, although in reality they age when stop falling in love.
        15. If something involved a woman, I know that all will be well. I am quite clear that women rule the world.
          The life and death h5>
          1. Life - not the days that have passed, and those - remember that.
          2. We must listen to the voice of the child, whom you once was and that there is still somewhere inside you. If we listen to the child within us, our eyes will regain luster. If we have not lost connection with that child, and not break our relationship with life.
          3. Every thing - alive. Should only be able to wake her soul.
          4. successful old age - is the ability to negotiate with their loneliness.
          5. And then I realized that I die - then never again to be with friends. Li >
          6. A marvelous feature - the ability to think about past pleasures without bitterness and remorse.
          7. Why spend so many words to explain what a man feels in the war, if only one word: fear.
            About Creativity h5>
            1. References - the best fun was invented to scoff at people.
            2. Inspiration comes only during the work.
            3. Thoughts do not have a parent, they fly over us, as angels.
              of God h5>
              1. The main thing is not that you do not believe, and that God continues to believe in you.
              2. Atheists can not achieve its goal without clergy.
              3. the devil likes to confuse our minds than to drive us into sin.
              4. I do not believe in God, but I'm afraid of him.
                about madness h5>
                1. No madman is not crazy If you listen to his arguments.
                2. Quiet crazy nearer future.

                  The time and waiting h5>
                  1. Better not come on time, rather than wait for invitations.
                  2. Who is waiting for a long time, can wait a little longer.
                  3. It's never too late.
                  4. You can do without surgery and without time you can not do.
                    Friendship h5>
                    1. A minute of reconciliation is worth more bosom of friendship.
                    2. The best friend of the one who is not in the world.
                    3. A true friend - the one who holds your hand and touches your heart.
                    4. There will always be people that hurt you. Need to continue trusting, just be careful.
                    5. Money - litter the devil.
                    6. United States invest in Latin America a lot of money, but they did not get what we did without a single cent . We change their language, their music, their food, their love, their way of thinking. We influence on the United States as they would affect us.
                    7. Nothing is more similar to the solitude of power than the loneliness of fame.
                    8. A man dies, not when should and when can.

                      April 8, 2014 Marquez was discharged from the hospital in Mexico City, where he spent eight days. It was reported that the writer was hospitalized on a background of a lung infection and dehydration. One of the Mexican media reported that Marquez had cancer, but the President of Colombia and other writers Juan Manuel Santos has denied these data. The famous writer died in Mexico City at the age of 87 years. He died surrounded by family and friends at home in the day Thursday, April 17th.

                      Fond memory ... em>


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