10 things that happen to anyone who is abroad. Be ready for it!

Kimberlin Boyce in his blog for people who fled their homeland, talked about 10 things, which necessarily facing anyone who was fortunate enough to visit another country. Even a few months of residence in a foreign country is enough to fully experience for yourself all of the following effects.

It is worth mentioning that the trip - is an unforgettable experience that is remembered for a lifetime, and changes you for the better, helping to learn something new about the world and the people inhabiting it, learn a foreign language, get acquainted with the local culture. All these innovations, which at first may cause discomfort and help develop improved. As a result, any trip you become more independent, to broaden their horizons and may even change some habits and views of the world.

Let's go back to the things that are known not by hearsay everyone who traveled abroad for some time.

1. Learn a new language, you start to forget the old. B>
First, you'll be all better understand a foreign language, and after a while you begin to have to think on it. But you can not so freely shall declare in Russian, you will need some time to formulate a thought or recall the right word. But do not worry, on arrival home you quickly vtyaneshsya back.

2. Suitcase for you will be something more than just a transport bag of things. B>
Even after years in exile you do not leave your bags collecting dust. Discovering new horizons once, you will not be able to sit idly by when there is so much unknown. The suitcase will be your faithful companion and a symbol of a new lifestyle.

3. This is not a ride, but a real life. B>
After living for a number of years abroad, once you come back home to visit family and friends. And they as if nothing had happened begin to ask how was your trip. Do not try to explain that you live there, it is still a little before someone come to that. Better to just answer that in three years a lot of things happened and what can somehow negotiate this more for a cup of coffee.

4. You will always keep in mind the exchange rate. B>
No matter how much you may have lived in another country, it is the exchange rate will remember and constantly compare the prices in the shops here and at home.

5. Lost a clear line between normal and strange. B>
Despite widespread globalization, it will always be a lot of details and nuances that will distinguish one culture from another. The fact that in one country is considered normal, is unacceptable in another. This difference initially will drive you crazy, but eventually make you a more tolerant and tolerant person.

6. Time is perceived in each country in its own way. B>
In America, you can not invite people at a cafe today. In this country, people are living on a schedule and is very annoying, if someone has to wait more than five minutes. In another country are normal half-hour late, life here flows slowly. It's amazing how one obsessed with time, while the other does not think about it.

7. You will forget all about routine. B>
Every day a new country will be full of surprises. You can spend a whole day just to pay for the two utility bills, or there something else, because of what your working day goes to pieces. Unexpected things happen abroad are at times more often than at home.

8. You lose everything, but it will not matter much. B>
Very often, people hold on crossings thought that there they are not wanted. But really do not need to grasp at this conviction, because it is fundamentally wrong. Everyone nowhere nobody wants but himself and perhaps that mother. So discarded the illusion, let go of her mother's skirt - and forward!

When you move you lose almost everything, including the familiar surroundings and social status. But life in a new place will absorb you so much that it will not be significant. And you realize that all you really need to fit in a backpack and a suitcase.

9. It will seem that nothing is impracticable. B>
You will understand that to get together and go somewhere you can in one day. And this thought will warm your heart and give an unforgettable feeling of freedom.

10. Everything changed dramatically. B>
First, you will be faced with many difficulties. Maybe you'll even feel helpless and alien. But after a couple of months you have mastered, and these problems will disappear by themselves. And besides, the feeling that you are in this life for something capable of.

All these changes are necessarily happen to you when you change their familiar surroundings. This memorable experience will change your life cool and makes you more versatile man. Every journey as a new little life. So why live a monotonous, if you can live much shorter, but incredibly bright?

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