This guy can not afford a wife. After reading his letter, you will understand why.

Anyone who thought to call the period of child care after birth maternity leave, apparently, never in my life did not give birth. It's not just a job, but without the Herculean efforts of the weekend around the clock in shifts, without pay and bonuses, but that's the chief of the small, so you have to wear it on your hands! Women are well aware, but taking such a courageous act, despite all the difficulties. But men sometimes it's hard to understand how you can be tired all day after staying home with the baby ...

& lt; p In it he says that he can not afford to have a wife, and now you'll understand why. Perfectly said!

Steven Nelms Glory and his wife for three years as a together. When Ezri was born (their firstborn), the young wife has decided that it will not work, and devoted himself entirely to the child. Just recently, Steven has posted a message on the Web with the words:

«I've been thinking about it, and today I declare that I can not afford to have a wife as a homemaker. I do not want to offend anyone this post, on the contrary. I literally can not allow my wife to stay at home with the child. And here's why. I>

My wife stays at home and cares for her son every day. It changes the diaper several times a day, put him to bed, feed, play with him, comforted when he is upset. And this is just the tip of the iceberg. We have no other children, and the baby gets all the attention Glory, all of her time, energy, all her love. I>

Of course, take care of your own child - something quite natural. But let's face it: in our time, each service has its price. I in no way want to compare this with the commodity-money relations, but still be realistic ». I>

Steven was not lazy and calculated how much it costs a hell of a work of his wife in a year. Just think! (Here are the real wages in the United States and services, which are usually resorted young parents.)

The average salary of the nurse - $ 705 per week ($ 36,660 per year).

Cleaning of the house - from $ 50 to $ 100 per visit ($ 5 200 per year).

Personal shopper services (purchase of products and the rest) - $ 65 per hour, 4 times a week ($ 13,520 per year).

Personal chef - $ 240 per week ($ 12,480 per year).

Finance Assistant (calculation of the budget, paying bills, and so on. D.) - $ 15 per hour, 5 hours per week ($ 3900 per year).

Professional interaction (business dinners, important meetings) - $ 75 per hour, 4 hours, 3 times a year for a total of - $ 900 per year.

Laundry - $ 25 per week, $ 1300 per year.

«Total gets $ 73,960 a year. Even despite the fact that I considered far the highest wages, I still can not afford to have a wife. I>

By the way, taking care of a child does not imply either a hospital or weekends or holidays, which accurately included in the standard package of the guys who earn more than 70 thousand a year. Deprived moms and bonuses, prizes, rewards and recognition of employees. I>

My wife feels guilty when I ask her permission to buy something for yourself. She believes that it is my money, and these issues should not arise. I am ashamed of all the times when she felt uncomfortable buying something for themselves, because she has the same right to use the family budget like me! I>

Our income is not nearly compare to what it does for our family. I would love to earn more than 100 thousand a year, not only to cover our costs, but also to hire his wife and pay her a decent wage for their labor. I>

She loves me and our son, for it does not require any money or recognition. But the fact remains that her stay at home and care for the child de facto must be weighed twice as much as what I do. I>

This is such a strange way, I'm trying to say how much I appreciate and respect his wife, the mother of his child, and my support in life. You are worth more than all the most precious stones of the planet. And I can not let you ... » i>

This touching post scattered on the Internet at the speed of sound. Understandably, translate those efforts, which invests in the mother of the kid, in monetary terms - is illogical (you nobody hired and did not promise anything). On the other hand, it demonstrates what superhuman effort is caring for the child. Share this article with your friends: possible, so men can understand what to look for a child - it's not a piece of cake. Thanks to all moms for what they are doing is for the sake of their children!


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