No, it's not Photoshop! It's amazing how makeup can change a person's appearance ...

Do you know who the world's best master of disguise? No, this is not a spy and theater artists. The best masters of transformation from nature are girls. After all, it costs nothing to disguise a new color or a new hairdo. They may be in a spiritual impulse to radically change clothes or make an unexpected mix of existing objects and create your original unique style. Not to mention the fact that no self-respecting woman will not leave the house without lipstick to match her favorite handbag.

A woman should be cherished as the arrival of spring. Her appearance should embody the richness of the inner world. And in order to show all the facets and nuances of the soul, it is not necessary to leave the fabulous money in beauty salons or makeup artist finish the courses. High-quality make-up can be done even at home!

And though some grumble that make up a spoiled woman, a real beauty can be only natural and natural. We all know that in fact what they say, only those who simply do not know how to properly painted.

This video clearly shows how much can you change the right makeup. The main thing, as in any other case, to stop in time and do not overdo it. And, of course, hide their little flaws and emphasize the dignity profitable.

So after watching the movie ran head to the mirror to practice to do the right makeup. Do not forget to share this with my friends this video.


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