She was only 9 years old, and she has done more than many adults in my entire life ...

When I encounter people who say that to accomplish something grand, they are too young or did not have enough strength, resources or opportunities, I immediately cite the example of the little girl with a huge heart. Her name is Hayley Fort. She was only 9 years old, but due to the huge children's enthusiasm and perhaps a bit naive belief in miracles, she was able to make something that does not dare to many adults. At such a young age is a lovely creature, to help the needy, to do more than we have in my entire life.

Hobby and this girl is different from how her peers spend time. This little girl spends his free time creating mobile shelters for the homeless and growing vegetables for them.

The girl from childhood showed compassion for the poor. Once, when she was just 5 years old, when he saw the homeless, she asked her mother to buy him a sandwich. B>

Since then, the mother maintains good intentions Haley daughter and strongly helps her in her charitable endeavors.

Naturally, the family Forts not build mansions for the homeless, but these small houses to help the beggars escape from the weather bad weather and feel like a god in his bosom.

Each house costs babe Haley and her mother at about $ 300.

Parents provide their daughter with all the necessary and give her some advice, but for the most part she copes with everything myself.

«It is wrong that in the modern world there are people who have no roof over their heads. I believe that everyone should have a place that he could call home », i> - says Haley. B>

This year, the girl set out to grow 113 kilograms of vegetables, build shelters and to buy 12 tons of toiletries and hygiene products for those who need it.

All anyone can help Haley, buying her things on Amazon, or making a donation online GoFundMe.

Love - really powerful force. If not for the love of neighbor, the 9-year-old girl could not overpower it all. Your friends need to know the real heroes in person. Be sure to tell them about this small, but incredibly good girl.

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