This guy decided to test the strength of feelings of his wife. Her response was simply stunning!

Relationships - this is primarily a huge responsibility. One of the main factors that influence the relationship is trust. But sooner or later, someone will still begin to suspect something, even if in fact there is no reason. And some still some testing to arrange begin ... How, for example, the hero of our story. He is married and decided to check how much it loves her husband. The guy knew that this idea is quite childish, but still could not resist ...

So he wrote a letter to his wife. In this letter he wrote that he was tired of living together, that he no longer loves her and leaves the house. The man left a message on the table, and he hid under the bed ...

returned home, his wife found the letter and read it. A few minutes passed, and then she took a pen and made a small piece of paper in the postscript. When finished with this woman, whistling and dancing, began to change. Then he picked up the phone and dialing the number, the beginning of the conversation:

- Hello, darling! I finally alloys from their home. Now we can be together. Now I'll come to you. See you, dear!

After his wife left, frustrated husband got out of bed and began to read what he wrote missus. Swallowing tears, he read: « I can see your feet sticking out from under the bed. Gone for bread! I> »

That is why not trust your partner, otherwise why bother to build some kind of relationship. If you liked this story, then share it with your friends using social networks!

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