How do you know that do not live in vain. Cry from the heart of the banker, to which only 46 years, it's inspiration.

My friend, stop, reduce the speed a little bit ... Stop for a minute and look around on the way back. Now compare this with what you're dreaming for a long time, looking at the starry sky, when I was naive dreamy boys. If these dreams somehow come into contact with the way you live now, then you are moving in the right direction. Of course, you grow, priorities change, but nevertheless something you should not do under any circumstances - is to change yourself. You can be rich, beautiful and successful, but something that will cause you discomfort inside - it's your broken hopes. Have you dreamed about all my life?

Once the 46-year-old banker realized that was left with nothing, and lived his life in vain. This poignant revelation is worth reading everything from small to large, in order not to repeat his mistakes. And in which direction you are moving?

My life was in vain. I am 46 years old and I have one piece of advice for you. It is useful to those who now stands at the crossroads of the way.

Most people live their lives for nothing, and did not as they would like. My name is John. I need to remove the burden from the soul, so I want to talk to. I - 46-year-old banker, who lived his life completely opposite of what I wanted.

All my dreams and passion - they are no more. The last 26 years I have been working from 9 am to 6 pm seven days a week. I chose the seemingly safest possible life paths. As a result, this path has changed beyond recognition myself.

Today I learned that my wife cheated on me for the last 10 years of our marriage. My son does not feel anything towards me. I realized that I missed the funeral of his father in exchange for anything. I do not love and do not travel around the world, helping the homeless.

All this - absolutely not what I dreamed of when I was a cocky 20-year-old boys. If the guy who I was 25-30 years ago, would see me right now, it would charge me plop. I own hands down all their dreams.

Let's start with how I was 20. I thought that I was born only yesterday and created in order to change the world. People loved me and I loved the people. I was a progressive, creative, spontaneous, ready to go at any risk of the young person. I had two dreams ... I wanted to write a best-selling book and traveling the world, helping the homeless.

By the time his future wife, I knew for four years. The love of my youth. She loved me for the unpredictability of the energy and the ability to make anyone laugh, anytime. We both felt loved in each other's arms.

I knew that my book will ever change the world. I would be in my own experience told people that we are all different and that's great. I'd convinced them that everyone has the right not to go to corporate systems and to become like everyone else. It is not "wrong", but just in a different way. In 20 years, I wrote the first 70 pages of this book. Now I am 46, and there they are still 70.

When I was 20, I had already tried his hand as a mountaineer in New Zealand and the Philippines. I was planning a big trip to Asia, then another - in Europe, and most importantly - in America (I live in Australia, by the way). Do you know how many countries I have visited their 46? Two: the Philippines and New Zealand.

I do not know exactly when it all went wrong. I'm sorry. I was 20. I was the only child in the family. I needed a stable and lasting foothold. So first I went to university, and then got a job, which was to dictate to me how to live.

How could I turn my life into one continuous work? I come home, have dinner, rummage in the papers, and then at 10 pm I go to bed because tomorrow I need to wake up again at 6 am. My God, I can not even remember when I last had sex with his wife.

Yesterday, she broke down and admitted that she cheating on me for 10 years. It's crazy, 10 years! I think this is too long to not notice. It hurts do not it, and what she says, as if I've changed. I'm not the man, whom she married. What has happened in these 10 years? I do not remember what happened in those years. I can not remember anything, except work. In those years I was a banker. But it was not her husband and was not himself.

Who am I? What happened to me? I'm not even able to seek divorce or yell at her. I can not even cry. When she confessed to me in my change, I did not feel anything. I can not shed a tear even now, as I write this text.

To be honest, I do not care that his wife was cheating on me. More important another insight that dawned on me: I am dying. From the inside. And die much faster than you think.

What happened to that fun, risky and energetic guy who wanted to go everywhere and to change the world? And what happened to that girl who once was the first beauty school, but now languishing next to me? God, I really popular with girls at school! And at the University too. But I kept her loyalty. Everyday. All my fucking life.

The saddest thing in all this is that now I do not even know what I want. That is, I understand, that life would not hurt to do something about, but do not know how.

My father died ten years ago. I remember when my mother called me and said that he was getting worse and worse. I felt sorry for the old man, but I was too busy to go home before me loomed the prospect of a large increase. I postponed my visit again and again, hoping that his father will wait for me before I die. As a result, he died, and I got my promotion. Only now I realize that at that time had not seen him for 15 years.

When he died, I said to myself that it does not really matter. In the end, we pretty much met and we had a strained relationship. I'm an atheist. And he found an excuse: his father was dead, and he has all the same, I came to it or not.

Rationalization - everything you need to produce an infinite number of excuses. And procrastination ... "I will do it. But sometime later. " In the end, financial security - this is the main concern in life.

Now I understand that serious mistake. Do not get me wrong, I'm not whining, but just warn you: do not waste irrepressible energy of his youth in the golden calf. Do not spend his youth in the endless attempts to grow up quickly. I am now very sorry that allowed work to pick up the rest of my life without a trace. I regret that I turned into a terrible husband, but in a good machine for making money.

If you're reading this text and in front of you the whole of life, please, do not postpone it for later. Do not leave your dreams later. Try to spend all your energy on what you really want to do. Do not sit on the Internet all your free time (if, of course, the Internet - not the main passion of your life).

Please, do something with your life while you are young. Have fun with all the heart. Do not forget about your friends and family. Do not waste your life in vain. Strive to realize their ambitions - right now, not sometime later. Do not become like me.

Sorry for this long cry from the heart ... I just could not write it.

PS: My habit of putting off until later all the desire to earn money, and led me to the fact that now I'm dead inside, an old and tired man. It's true.

Follow your passion, live the way you like it. What, after all, that life ?! Do not let anyone impose itself psevdotseli. You better know what you really want. Share this cry from the heart from the people closest to you.

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