Here's how he really born painting master Photoshop Eric Johansson ... It's something unreal!

Swedish photographer and retoucher Eric Johansson is known for its gorgeous optical illusions. Looking at his fantastic, but at the same time, incredibly realistic work, involuntarily begin to believe in magic. But what happens in a creative workshop Johansson when his overflowing inspiration and he creates his stunning surrealistic picture? We offer you to see it with my own eyes.

So with the help of different editors real world and surreal merge. With a light hand of the master of the usual bottle of wine is transformed into a work of art. Just masterpiece!

Cut and fold

This is what happened on the set

swim away



How it was really

The Neverending Story < br />

In life,


What happened during the photo shoot

Sound gamma < br />


This rich and intense fantasy can only envy! Just do not fit in the head, a person can create such an unreal beauty. If you also like the work of Eric Johansson - share it with your friends.


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