Oleshko Crisis: The more little things and details - the more life at this moment. More joy.

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Alexander Oleshko - Gestalt therapist, actor of theater "Black Square", a marketer. And crisis consultant calling.
Ten months ago, we have already talked quite thoughtful about his life's journey. But time passes, something is changing, and sometimes there is a desire to understand the questions, which the last time did not talk

-Sasha, you have a multi-vector business activities. Who are you, after all, in the first place?

-Even I do not know ... perhaps I am now in the first place - a crisis manager. Everything that I come across, you can combine what I have to resolve various crises. In business, in personal relationships, if we take the therapy.

What is the basis, the foundation of the Anti-Crisis Oleshko - Gestalt therapist, something else?

-What I'm a therapist, it gives me some kind of picture of the world. But one of the pictures. I do not believe that it is absolutely correct. What I marketer self-taught, still has seven years of dealing with these issues, too, it gives me some kind of picture of the world, and quite cynical. Education is also an actor gives his picture. And I can not say, for example, I - just an actor and nothing else is not doing. This dumb to some extent, because if you rely only on the acting, but it is unknown at what point you start to starve ...

-Sekundochku. Do not you think that if it were focused solely on acting, with the existing base you have progressed very well. In spite of the general situation in the country and the industry?

-I Think. But the fact that my diversity of helping me. I'm in another boring. Maybe someday I will choose a path. I just act instinctively. I feel that I like this, this and this. I'm in the mood-elevating. And it's sort of a local recipe of my happiness.

-I have a theory that if a person does not choose a fairly narrow field of specialization, the top height it reaches. Due to the spraying areas. Do you think you can succeed anywhere, or you are so in a rush the process, the ultimate goal is not so important?

-Topovye Height ...)) Once I was a director of an advertising agency. I was subordinated to one hundred people. And at 24 years was flattered vanity. Then I left. Now I have a subordinate maximum 2 persons. Recently, I received a call girl, which I then headed, and said that with the increase went to a new job and is now in her submission to 400 people. I thought, "But I'd like to direct the four hundred people?" No. Here I porukovodit then hundreds, and all - with the head enough.
You know, when I'm writing now - pleasure from the fact that I think about marketing and psychotherapy when doing psychotherapy, I think about the theater, marketing. And they complement each other. I have a book in overnoute ideas. I thought to write for the cinema, for studies, for advertising, for training. And all intertwined and echoes.
There is another theory as opposed to the one you mentioned: the more we load ourselves diverse tasks, the more the brain is activated. If I give myself a day is one thing, I'll do it at 80%. If you put 30 tasks, it also will make 80%. Here's my empirically derived formula: the more I can load at a time - the more the ultimate efficiency.
And the buzz. Because I can switch between diverse things. Simultaneously deal with them - no. I just quickly switch.

-Chuvstvuesh himself a superman?

-No. Normal psychological trick. Now I read a book about a boy who could fly. A formula for talent. What is talent. As it is digested. As he was born. How lives. So, they say that Julius Caesar could do several things simultaneously. Hardly. He simply switched quickly. And I switch.

How did something one of our mutual friend mentioned that you know how good monetize their hobbies. Whether it concerns all spheres and how do you do it? At random or is there some kind of premonition?

-I Call it "the call." When I was dragging. Or like something out of me I pulled in the wrong direction. And then I'm going for it.

-But there were also flight. That is the call - it's not an absolute

Yes, there were. But not absolute in the sense that I stay in as long as I was "calling." And when it ceases, I look back and think, "if I want to stay here?". And if not - just leave. And the older I get, the more important the call for me.

-A specific examples and simpler?

-Was My interest in Argentine tango. Very pleased. He came, danced with pleasure. And then at some point, interest faded. And I pesrestal walk without any sadness. Why torture yourself? And all those "you forget everything and blah blah blah" have absolutely no value. Yes, I forgot. But I do not regret. Because there learned something else. Of the tango I went to the theater. And I surprised - four years, I have not lost interest. Although recently reduced interest on 50.


-No Concept. I'm not hovering. The question is "how can I in this?". For me call my sphere of activity - such as food. Cake - it is cool, but I ate half or some part - and I have enough. Why eat up through force? I try to convey in my life. But do not be hungry. And to eat in moderation. And I eating guided by hunger in life guided by the call.
And with pictures as well. Since my childhood I envied artists. I went to learn. When wrote the first picture - the tears were, could not believe it. I wrote another - all of my half dozen. Now I write less. Yes, sadly, but I want to, but I understand that there are more drawn to graduate - learning courses advertising strategy. Professional development can be said.

-Most people stick to the more traditional methods when choosing areas of activity. Recommend it to follow the call and often change them, I would have hardly) Tell me, you became "calling" ever since you began studying Gestalt therapy or it started earlier?

-Intuitive I often did in childhood. A very very consciously for the first time - in the twenty years. For me this period - 19-20 years old - was a turning point

-It was associated with some event?

-I do not know. I was very antisocial, weak and had little contact. An outcast, introvert, melancholic.


Yeah, like that. But I have serious superstructure so good at impersonate sanguine. Imagine how melancholic would conduct the training? And this is thanks to the Cheka, which will finish in me all this. A Gestalt allowed to be choleric, because without it, to show their emotions it was hard - in the social model of the family to show anger is not comme il faut.
And if the call had stopped, I realize that I have got something, and if smart enough to understand that it was - well, no - will understand later. And not worried.

-Etih as you stick to the rules in the relationship with the girls?

-Yes. I just came from a large Gestalt intense, we had three hundred people arrived including my friends from the city. So most of our chassis was a phrase "is a call - there is action. There is a call - there is no action ยป

-Osmelyus suggest that the majority of people, everything is about the same, just inner fears, insecurities and social patterns do not allow timely understanding of the relationship ...

-Yes. Clumsy attempts to delay the denouement with the full understanding that the long overdue. I'll tell you as a therapist - demand is not going anywhere.

-I do not like the therapist to answer - did so.

-Yeah. Here you are asked about diversity - and I do not know how different. For me it is - the norm.

Yes Who versatility against something? When a person has a lot of hobbies - it zashib. And when multiple recurring areas of activity - I do not know. Although he was, and replaced them well but maybe we should actively look exactly the most of your business?

I do not think that I have not found. And I do not think that we should just tear the veins in the search. I'm not looking ... he met recently with a colleague, Arthur name. We had a good match. He, too, adheres to the same principle - a person must be loaded by 50 percent Psychologically. I'm always open to new half.

-So it should be

-Of course. And I try to abide by it. There are times - when several projects at the same time - as the closing and immediately stop seeing other possibilities
-Sash, yes, I agree with you. Just when once again ask ourselves the question, "And the hell I'm doing all this? Just for the money? The occasion, of course, a strong, no one has canceled. But I did not mean to do, "then reply to them as something you need, once I asked

-Good Question to ask yourself. I also ask them yourself. And when I can not find the answer, I start to leave power. But it can just leave, and can manifest itself in something new

-So, on time to find a new, and everything?

-I do not know. While not particularly thought

-In principle, any new person has to adequately interesting and therefore provides energy

-Yes. The source of energy and inspiration. You know, I can not say that I have many hobbies. Theater? Yes, you can carry ...


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