The feed on those who decided to destroy the food in Russia

Most recently, the Government of the Russian Federation in response to outside pressure has extended the food embargo against countries applying economic sanctions against Russia. Its essence boils down to the fact that the import ban in Russia has got many categories of products which, since recently, will be ruthlessly destroyed by the variety of ways.

We decided to remember those products that have already been destroyed by the roller justice or are about to, and remember what feed officials, introduces embargo.

Fighting sanctions products goes on all fronts. Every day from news we hear on the border detained another van, tried to introduce in Russia this or that product, and activists of various pro-government organizations have gone further. During the regular raids on retail outlets in the cities of Russia, young people not only to celebrate special stickers Products sanctions, but also, in some cases, spoiled goods. And why is no one cares about the fact that the law banned only imports, whereas the sale of such goods is allowed.

Warehouses full of different services, different specialties, and 29 July, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the destruction of products which came to Russia, despite the food embargo.
Here is just a small list of products that have been detained at the border and always will be destroyed in the coming days:
 - 20 tons of cheese were detained in the Orenburg region;
 - 73 tonnes of peaches and nectarines tried to break through the Russian-Belarusian border;
 - 19 tons of cheese have been destroyed in Belgorod;
 - 28 tons of apples and tomatoes, carrots 9 tons and 28 tons of meat waiting to be "penalty" in Moscow;
 - 114 tonnes of pork were killed in Samara 4 August

Such irrational transfer food called righteous anger among many residents of Russia. The arguments against the destruction of the products were very different: to give to children's homes and nursing homes to collect food rations for the poor, for the 2015 in Russia about 23 million people have incomes below the subsistence minimum. The list of destroyed products looks very impressive on the news. So, in the Vladimir region in one of the nursing homes residents starved. And it got to the point that one pensioner died of exhaustion, and another 18 people were sent to hospital.

Activists even decided to prepare a petition to abolish the decree of the President directing destroy sanctions products. At the moment it was signed by more than three hundred thousand people, but the press secretary of the Russian President, Dmitry Peskov, questioned the authenticity of signatures, and very few people now believe that even the will of three hundred thousand people in Russia will be heard by the authorities.

But the servants of the people working hard and the stomach. A tough fight with parmesan and jamon requires a lot of energy that they can refill dishes from the menu of the Kremlin, which fell in the open access during the break-in and intercept documents senior officials. So, what is a working dinner at the Novo-Ogaryovo residence outside Moscow.

Salad with goat cheese

Duck liver with black currant sauce

Ravioli with crab meat

Granite sorrel


Apple creme brulee

Wine «Regnard» (France), 2009

The wine «Chateau Griviere» (France), 2002

Vinaigrette with foie gras and figs

Cream of porcini mushrooms and goat cheese

Watermelon sorbet

Duck leg confit with young pear and chestnuts

Wine «Vermentino.Tenuta Guado al Tasso» (Italy), 2009

Wine «Tenuto Pongelli Rosso Bucci» (Italy), 2008

Of course, part of these food products is not caught by the prohibition, except that the individual ingredients are not affordable to mere mortals in Russia.

Just recently, the site appeared procurement tender, the winner of which should provide within one year the chairman of the Federation Council. The amount of the contract "only" 1, 2 million rubles. So every meal will be chairman of the costs 5000 rubles.

And how do you feel about the destruction of the products fell under the embargo? How long you have indulged yourself dumplings with crab meat? And can the state allocates several thousand daily for lunch?


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