How does the insult to your health and making use of forgiveness? Do I have to forgive the offenders? How to be hurt much if not impossible to forgive?

The Buddha once said, "Holding on to anger is like to grab a hot coal with the desire to throw it in someone else; You are the one who want to burn, but burn themselves ».

Psychological stress causes resentment and emotional distress you, but not the person who offended you. Even when it comes to the SRO in various investigations and lawsuits. You know that the treatment of the tooth can cause you a toothache? You will do this in order to save yourself from unnecessary suffering. There are many health benefits, which may make you reconsider what this offense is actually worth. But first ...

What is forgiveness?
I have already said that "everything is fine"! Some confuse the concept of forgiveness only orally. The adoption of an apology is not correct the situation. By saying "all is well" often go hand in hand with forgiveness, but it is a different concept.

To forgive someone, you have to let go of your anger and negative thoughts deep inside himself as well as externally. This can be done even without a real excuse, if a person does not feel that the wrong or too proud. Forgiveness is not just a formality - it's a state of mind that can lift you above the many burdens, or vice versa, to lower into the abyss both mentally and physically.

So, here are 5 reasons to use forgiveness to health:

1. Reduces stress
Research has shown that one of the benefits of forgiveness - a reduction of cortisol. They studied 71 participants and their physical reactions, when they talked about grievances and forgiveness with empathy. Those who were more forgiving of their physiological responses to stress are lower.

2. Keep your heart healthy
Forgiveness is very good for the heart in a literal sense. People who hold on to resentment, tend to have more problems and heart disease, as opposed to those who know how to forgive. Why holding anger, your heart must suffer and do more work than it should do?

3. Reduces pain
Knowing how forgiving heart, reduces emotional and physical pain. Of the 61 patients who suffer from physical pain in the back, those who sincerely forgive their "offenders", reported lower levels of pain. There is a relationship between forgiveness and constant pain.

4. Blood pressure
Letting go of anger, people can reduce blood pressure. Forgiveness is associated with a low pressure.

5. Increases lifespan
Drop your resentment may have a few years of life. Who is able to forgive - live longer!

True forgiveness - it is easy to say but hard to do sometimes. Especially it can be difficult, when someone upset you in any way that is contrary to your values ​​and morals. Nevertheless, it is important to remember that holding a grudge and not going to fix anything, you keep burning coal and make yourself burns. Release coal and you'll feel good because the burden of mental reset. After a while, your body will thank you lower the pressure, heart health, a higher threshold of pain and prolong life. The next time when someone upsets you, remember that you want to live a long, happy and healthy!


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