5 main secret of a happy married life

The secrets of marital happiness and how to maintain a family and warm relationship with her husband

According to experts, half of marriages break up in Russia: and, divorces occur, usually in the first five years of marriage. How to keep family and warm relationship with her husband? Family psychologists identify several key secrets that can help in this complex, but quite feasible, objectives:

Set clear boundaries that you would not have passed in quarrels. A ban on harsh insults, sayings discontent relatives of each other, mocking the shortcomings and so on. As a rule, established to help beyond what is permitted to control myself and not cause serious offense after an argument.
Unsuspecting spouse. Try to trust and believe your second half. Distrust is almost one of the major causes of changes in the relationship for the worse, and can destroy even the strongest union.
Try to make your home life variety. Go to the movies, exhibitions, travel, or simply choose one-hour walk in the park. As a rule, a permanent seat at home watching television in their spare time making family life fresh and monotonous.
Do not tighten the birth of a child. The ideal situation, according to family psychologists considered 2-3 years, dedicated themselves. After this time, with the "free life" better engage and think about posterity. The child brings to many positive points, it unites parents and usually negates the petty grievances and nit-picking - it becomes a fuss over trifles sometimes just once.
Work. When couples work and do not spend in useless thinking all his spare time, quarrels and dissatisfaction with each other it becomes much less. Non-working spouses often looking for grievances and nit-picking on every little detail.


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