Asian noodle soup

Today I want to introduce you to a very simple to prepare, easy and tasty soup.
Such soups in thousands of variants is very fond of doing in the south-east Asia.
One of these will introduce you now.
For him, we need: chicken breast without skin, peeled shrimp (preferably tails), 2 tbsp. tablespoons sesame oil. 30 grams of ginger, struchek fresh red chili pepper, green onion and 700 grams of broth, noodles

We shall cut striped ginger, red pepper, pre-clearing it from the walls with seeds and green onions

In a suitable pan volem oil and fry for a minute it pepper and ginger.

fill it with broth and let boil

Add the chicken and cook for 4 minute, then turn comes for shrimps and 4 more minutes on low heat.
Take out the meat and shrimp from the broth.

Omit the noodles into the soup and bring it up to readiness as it is written on the packaging.
The next stage combine meat with noodles in soup. When serving sprinkle green onions. In the soup, you can add soy sauce to taste.

Bon Appetite! Peace to your home! Ovimu



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