Mother paratrooper Ilya Maksimov, apologized to the citizens of Ukraine.

"If Ilya and blame to Ukraine and its citizens, I ask him to forgive. He - a military man, living under the statute, if you have it, I'm ready to come and pick it up. Forgive him, forgive me, "- said Love Maximov at a press conference in Saratov.

She also said that her son, serving under contract in the Pskov Airborne Division, the official version, went on exercises in the border area with Ukraine.
"On Friday, August 15, he called and said that he was going to the exercises. He called or sent an SMS every day. On Saturday the 16th, he called his sister. And on August 17 I got the sms in which it was written that he is doing well, but gets exercise, and that he is on the exercises at Rostov, "- said Maximov.
A few days later came to Maximova information from the Internet about the possible death and capture of paratroopers. She appealed to the military enlistment Wolski, whose staff related to leadership, said the mother Ilya Maksimov following: "Your son is on the exercises. What emerged in social networks, can not believe it, he is doing well ยป.
August 21 Ukrainian journalists posted indirect evidence of the presence of the Russian military in the Ukraine - photos, which show documents, lists of soldiers, ammunition and other items. Presumably, they belonged to the men of the Pskov Airborne divzii. Among the findings was a driver's license in the name of Ilya Maksimov.
Earlier, Russian journalists and bloggers noticed the sudden cessation of activity in the accounts, "VKontakte", belonging to the Pskov paratroopers. Blogger Victor Kadochnikov noted that in a group of accounts that were previously actively updated, the last days approach began August 15 and 16.
August 25 it became known that near Pskov closed the funeral passed several fighters Airborne. Eyewitnesses reported that the ceremony allowed only close friends and relatives. Later edition "Pskov province" published photos of two graves. On 26 August, the media have numerous other photos from the cemetery in the village Vybuty.
Information about the fact that Russian soldiers involved in the fighting on the territory of Ukraine about the middle of August began to flow from different regions of the Russian Federation. There is evidence of the death of paratroopers from Ulan-Ude, Republic of Dagestan, as well as contact with the captive soldiers of the 98th Svir Airborne Division, based in Kostroma.


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