Charming woman - who is she?

Shy coquette who captivates men her sweet chatter? Stunning model in a fashion magazine or beauty school? Or sensual woman who skillfully manipulates the man, causing him to meet all their whims and caprices? A woman who has succeeded intellectually and left its mark in the life of society, or a competent independent woman capable itself to pave the way in life? Or wife, sacrificing himself to make her husband happy? No.
This woman angelic nature, dedicated to high standards and values. She - the perfect wife, who understands the needs of her husband and easily responds to his feelings. She is not keen in order to adapt it to the man, he should be, but take it for what it is, condescending to his human weaknesses and focus on its strengths.
Although she is submissive and sacrifice, it does not allow to trample her or abused. She did not rug by the door, not a servant and not a slave. Be a real woman - so do not lose self-esteem, knowing that you are a valuable person worthy of dignity. This attitude helps her to her royal maintain a position that demands respect.
She is proud that she is a woman, and is doing everything in its power to develop their femininity not as symptoms of tenderness and depth as personality traits. This includes the feminine appearance and manners and inner feminine positions and objectives. Since it is - a truly feminine woman, she has the charm that knows no age limits.
She - a free soul, she is free to choose their life and the way it will be. If she marries, she chooses to family life. Although she devotes most of her time to her family, she does not feel at home captivity. She sacrifices willingly and wholeheartedly, driven by a tender love for your family and take care of them. She sees in his work the sacred duty of global significance. Her career - a career in the house, her fame - respect for her husband and children's happiness. Therefore, "its yoke and its burden is light." This makes it free. Her charm - not talent or refinement, but the freshness, integrity and inner happiness. She is innocent and trusting as a child. Her face lights up because she loved her husband. Only a woman who is very fond of, can be really charming.


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