IT-migration in Kiev

- And who is this then? Latecomer?
- Podkolesin.
- That, too, is looking for?
- No, this is already found. I>

My career was short-lived labor bizarre way. But the bottom line, I have what I have. Through all the intricacies I became involved in project management. Starting from a small office in the beginning to develop a web-division major retailer, I tried myself as an engineer at SAP, but eventually settled on the development in the space of web technologies, both in the field, where I guided the most technically.

By the middle of the past, 2013, on project management I knew little, heard a lot, but the details always something prevented walk. While I did not there was an urgent need and desire to move to Kiev. But at the same time there was a serious need to go to the next stage of development in the activities of the project manager and here's why.

started well. Do not waste your time on the details, said the chief h5> Due to the presence of friends and acquaintances in this field, I have received an initial assessment of their forces and employment opportunities. To say that I was shocked - to say nothing. The impression that I slept for several years, suddenly woke up, but in the world all have been changed. It seems that the way it was, and it took me to catch up, absorbing the information on project management methodologies, tools and mechanisms that are used in this area of ​​management.

The company where I worked at the time, there were a few old-fashioned attitude to work and employees. Investing money in education and skills development was considered not quite fit, so they had to get out himself. The knowledge that I have received, there is also a pilot application in the work, but because of slowness big company, it's research interest was rather for my development and practical application of theoretical foundations.

In parallel, I began to look for opportunities for further development and practical along with the placement of Ukrainian resume to human resources, updated resume in Russian. On the part of Ukraine, as a rule, was stable mode radio silence, but in Russia the job offer fell like a horn of plenty.

It should make a small remark and voice very useful advice that many may already know:

Try to look for a new job still working on the current blockquote> The reason is all easy - you will not be burdened with financial difficulties, you do not have to worry about tomorrow, and finally, you can actually choose what you would like. < br />
During the autumn and winter 2013-2014, I visited several dozen interviews. Got a huge experience with HR staff and management of those companies, where he had been. It was not an interview, but real mini seminars. I do not think that something similar happens on interviews of developers, but PMy certainly love to scratch language. We talked, shared experience, assorted cases of problems and their solutions. Some companies I approached, the conditions in which it seemed to me not to be satisfactory, but in the end I found what I was looking for and changed jobs, having the opportunity to translate knowledge into reality.

From the Ukraine was not always silent, the few times I talked with Ukrainian recruiters. In my opinion, these sessions were successful, but all of these firms stopped difficulties in recruiting a citizen of another country. Sometimes received a job offer, but with extremely low wages. Then I was curious and I thought about the situation in the job market.

The session lasts h5>
Russian h6> For a long time stay in the job search process allowed to make some assessment of the recruitment market in Russia and Ukraine. In addition, a couple of months I have been involved in the search for PMA average on one of the jobs of the company, having spent quite a lot of interviews.

Market mid-level project management in Russia is saturated and supersaturated possible. It should stipulate and clarify what I mean almost all the job market, not dividing it into core IT companies or product companies having at ROR only a small IT-department. The need for specialists experienced by all, but lay different requirements. That is why one company to post Project manager will deal mainly paperwork, and the other for days stuck in our bugtracker. I knew a couple of PMov, which served as almost the office managers. Himself mainly worked with the team and stuck in the bugtracker.

Ukraine h6> In Ukraine, everything is arranged somewhat differently. As the economic situation in the country does not yet allow to develop the domestic market, the percentage of providing IT services companies and companies wishing to take advantage of these services is extremely small. And those units that exist in the labor market, mainly to pay a little, as both clients pay as little. By the way, in Russia, this niche is just the basic and supplying vacancies for beginners and intermediate level PMov, and it was with her the way many professionals begin.

The next part of employers represent a large and medium-sized businesses (not IT, but, for example - Shop) in Ukraine, there are not a lot and get to Russian experts in project management is problematic. Unfortunately we do not have the honor to communicate with recruiters of these companies because they do not show any interest in me.

The remaining companies represent a IT company, product or not, that provide services primarily to customers from other countries, who are interested in paying less than at home, but for a quality product. Which make very good developers from the former Soviet Union. There are presented quite demanding, but occasionally skips offers junior'ov. I had no choice but to look for work among this third group, to pull knowledge and hope for the best.

This has already found h5> The work I found. Rather I found and interviewed on skype, during which time I realized that the months spent on self-study, carried out in search of work and other legwork were spent. Matters on which I half a year ago could "float", now solved quickly and without problems. I found he was looking for was to get me to offer wages, handed the case to the ongoing work and began to pack your bags.

Foreigners will help us! H6> I've not previously worked in companies that pay due attention to the comfort of employees, it was limited to a maximum of new office equipment. I do not know at what point the information came to employers, as is done in the West, and why would not we do the same, but it came and it was good.

Standards of comfort, for which there are numerous specialists have become a luxury for me, to which I gradually got used to. The company gave me the first week of an apartment in the city center, close to the office. And the office was very convenient and comfortable. Small openspace people 10-12, a lot of greenery, allows you to create your cozy jungle. Of course new office equipment and comfortable furniture. Full kitchen, which is always plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, tea, coffee, sweets, etc. Lounges and many other pleasures.

After the first week managed to find great deals on a long-term Lodging while. Unfortunately, dealing with this in Kiev is not the best way. It combines two problems. First. Imagine you are a user of the Internet, surf the World Wide Web for days and already inhabit some of its area. You know the popular resources of the country, you know the famous sites you can trust, but at some point you find yourself in a totally different environment. New sites, new logos, the whole experience is going to hell. Something like that. And the second - based purely on human laziness. Proposals for the delivery of apartments are made "on the knee" is normal - not yet posted any photos, but only telephone intermediary. Because of this choice is rather difficult.

Prices for rental apartments different, as elsewhere. On average, between 200 and 500 dollars on the outskirts of the city for a studio apartment. I was lucky I found for $ 400, and through friends - avoided the fate of communication with the realtor and bustle of the city. The apartment is on the outskirts, but the outskirts of Kiev, not what the outskirts of Moscow - to work in the city center I go 25 minutes by subway.

Results h5> Summarizing want to say that for my family and friends, this event certainly was a surprise. Moving in such difficult times naturally make people worry. I can not say that I was very nervous, I just tried to go to the goal. That's basically all I wanted to tell you. Thank you.



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