A bit of old iron

On the day we decided to excavate the sysadmin archival photographs. They are not very many, camera phones did not exist; it was necessary to shoot and specifically in the case. Below - a bit of old photos and rarities from our warehouse.

Guess the year on a photo i>

Keychains warehouse i>

So look our warehouse in '99 i>

Warehouse today, a small fragment of i>

And this is our Maxim storekeeper, who cares about the hardware on a modern warehouse in 2014 i>

The evolution of media as it is: a floppy disk, tape, and HDD are on flash-storage. Please note that on cassettes and diskettes were latches to ban physical records. I>

and evolution marshrutizatornyh flash cards Cisco i>

Cisco AS 5350 , a commemorative piece of iron. December 22, 2006 is no longer sold, and in December 2011 - supported. Underneath firewall Cisco VPN 3020, sales ended in 2007, support - two years ago. Is still used by some telecom, but is outdated -
Performance data for encryption (using the algorithm AES / 3DES) he is 50 MB / s, with modern analogues show the performance of a few hundred MB / s. This piece of iron was confined only to receive users new iron also protects the network assets from attack, prevent invasion (IPS), provides security services content, including address filtering URL, phishing, spam, spyware, anti-virus and content filtering .

Series 1700 , Cisco 1711 and 1751 - left the sale in 2007, with the support - in the middle of 2012. This router was very convenient for ATMs, just like a native in size. Simple, reliable, high-quality. Would put up to 2020 and the first, if not the withdrawal of support.

Cisco 2501 , resigned from the sale in 2002, with the support - in 2008. Ten years is no longer used.

In stock stored as a donor parts: what someone else needs to be replaced in any of the old system. A couple of years - and will go to the museum, probably.

Cisco 2610 and Cisco 3660 gone with the sale in 2003, with the support - in 2008. At one time - high-performance routers:

Phone Cisco 7920 (left) one of the first Wi-Fi phones Cisco, support ended in 2009. Monochrome screen, a large antenna. Right more modern version - color screen, battery less. Some of our employees go with these.

Corner warehouse with the oldest iron under customer who is in operation (note the old Compaq):

An engineer at work - the design of the object of the customer. How do you think this photo sooner or later a black and white top? I>

A year pro h4> In the top photo of the 99th year. It is not necessarily black and white, and even quite close to our time. But memorable black-white palette makes it almost to the end of the eighties. Here's a photo of the 98-year note on characteristic sweaters aytishnikov:

Photo slightly higher with the design - the 96th year.

And this is - a classic, 95th year, is one of the earliest of our photos. Looks like a research institute or a stand Exhibition of Economic Achievements, but no, this is our testing ground:

And finally, here last archive post , where the individual is greater than iron.

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