House State beaver - the world of environmentally friendly construction in Oregon

There is in this northern US state of Oregon, where there is still a tremendous range of nature, and people are doing everything possible to save the virgin landscapes intact. It is called "Beaver State" that clearly underlines its purity, beauty and natural wealth. It is not surprising that it is here, especially along the coastline of the Gulf Falcon, active construction: here and there there are unusual types of housing from waste wood, dead trees.

Japanese timber house for $ 11,000 in the woods of Oregon

This house shipbuilder Brian Schultz, inspired by the example of Japanese minimalism, built on the shores of Cape Falcon. Schultz argues that a house can build absolutely anyone, and you can decorate it any article of manual labor. The idea Brian was born after he acquired the copper shell at a flea market. He found it necessary to create a suitable setting for the interior, such sanitary attribute.

Here, no one builds felled trees, and they can not be cut down. But many are helping to preserve nature, buying aging trees, from which local services to clear the space for the young, erecting houses, which are trying to make all the comforts of the most environmentally friendly. And there are more and more homes.

House with an unusual geometry of the roof - "Residence Wilkinson»

The house built by Robert Harvey Oschatz in Portland in 2004 for customer-musician who prefers to play music on the outdoor terrace on the background of nature and birdsong. This is one of those projects that do not need to describe with words, but you just have to see.

The project is the proud name of "Residence Wilkinson." In other words, a house and can not be called. Even the word "apartment" does not sound in the background of this large-scale luxury.

When making use of organic glass, wood, metal least. The house has an autonomous water supply system installed composting toilets, environmentally friendly water treatment system and water collector, rainwater storage. The fact that electricity is mainly produced in Oregon by solar panels, perhaps, not worth talking about. Here there are no power lines and electrification of the standard system.

Residence Mulligan

Office Scott Edwards, namely himself and his partner Scott Rick Berry, developed the project of a wooden house in Manzanite. We use natural materials of local origin, glass.

Cedar wood and concrete, created from local gravel. Planning is a simple but very nice and attractive. In general, the house looks just friendly because of the simple structure of the facade. These transverse boards look quite cozy, nothing more to invent or excel design. Although very roomy inside, of course, it is more like an office building than a house.

Tiny house Cottage Grove

Jeffrey, the owner of the house called the Cottage Grove, built it deep in the woods Aprovecho in Oregon. His goal was to create a livable housing from materials designed to emit. Live here a long time Jeffrey was not going to, but more often are more and spends more time: away from the city bustle, noise and dust.

House just tiny. There is not even a glass in the windows. There is a bed, a table, a stove to heat. In the future, he plans to put Jeffrey glass. No bathroom, vanity will, compact bio-toilet. Electricity either. This summer residence garden furniture, no more than that.


Yet people love the mobility. Caravans in Oregon has long since not a luxury but a means to a comfortable life, well as mobile phones, for example. Oregon company regularly carries out orders of customers for the production of such caravans.

The houses have everything necessary for life: the washing machine, toilet and bathroom, kitchen, stove, cupboards and beds. Live and travel. Many people do so, because here and there is not hitting. And for those who love their pets and do freely.

Of course, living so, one must have a job or online only investments that are profitable. You can still earn a place, such as providing services of animators and artists.

Travel to America in Oregon - a sweet deal. What are the local scenery, there are no words. Perhaps in this way of life lies the future of mankind.

Mount Hood, Oregon

Waterfall The Punch Bowl Falls on the Columbia River, Oregon

Cape Falcon, Oregon

Crater Lake, Oregon

Do not you think it makes sense to build?


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