New novel star: Fact or Fiction?

It is not easy to hide the details of the stars of his life, because their every move is controlled by the paparazzi and the public discussion. And personal life "celebrity" and does not give no rest to journalists or fans of the stars. Be particularly careful to press following the new novels of stars, savoring the new details and photos. Let's see what the novels, according to the press, is now gaining momentum.

Uma Thurman and Quentin Tarantino

The fact that Quentin uneven breathing to Mind knows everyone! And now, after twenty years of friendship, platonic relationship director and actress transformed into something else.

Uma and Quentin, 1995

Shortly before both became free - Uma terminated the engagement to Arpad Busson, and the relationship with Quentin Courtney Hoffman came to its logical end. Official statements about the novel Thurman and Tarantino is not there, but the tabloids, and close to the pair told about "a new level", which came out old friends:

"In the past, they already had a relationship, and now they are back together. He loves her for many years »
According to other sources, between the pair was always attracted:

"They often talk, dine in restaurants. Tarantino is always trying to find a new role for Thurman »

Uma Thurman and Quentin Tarantino

Sandra Bullock and Chris Evans

Sandra Bullock and Chris Evans

As you know, Sandra Bullock does not scare the age difference. According to rumors, the actress already had an affair with the actor, younger actresses, Ryan Gosling and Ryan Reynolds. Now, in "amorous network" Sandra landed the 32-year-old hunk Chris Evans.

Confirmations romance couples not, but Bullock and Evans are not seen together at social parties, in addition, Chris has publicly stated that crazy actress:

"Sandra Bullock was my first love. When I was a teenager I saw her in the movie "Speed", I thought, "This is my ideal!". In my room I hung a huge poster with her picture »
Sandra Bullock and Chris Evans

Orlando Bloom and Nora Arnezeder

Not so long ago, Orlando Bloom was spotted by paparazzi with a girl - 25-year-old French actress Nora Arnezeder. Bloom and Arnezeder walking the streets of London, holding hands, and then went to the club Little House. On another occasion, the paparazzi caught the couple in the Los Angeles, where Bloom picked up the girl to the house on his motorcycle. And, of course, as soon as the public attributed the pair romance.

Adriana Lima and Justin Bieber

Ironically, this pair is also credited with a romantic relationship. And even it is Bieber Western tabloids blame divorce Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr - say, a girl spree with Canadian pop singer, then Orlando could not forgive. And now the young Bieber reportedly became interested in 32-year-old Lima: a pair of conversation at a party - and were not able to leave until the next morning.

Adrian and Justin: Instagram photo of Adriana Lima

Cameron Diaz and Benji Madden

Cameron and Benji at the party

Twin brother of Nicole Richie before her husband met with Paris Hilton, Holly Madison and Sophie Monk. And now the "bad boy" vengeance fun with Cameron Diaz. Rumor has it that Benji is a passion for blondes. But she found it Diaz remains a mystery.

"She loves the bad guys, but the fact that Benji is actually a very nice guy. They have fun together, but they are not in a hurry, they want to make sure is to build a serious relationship »

Cameron and Benji together out of the gym

Selena Gomez and Niall Horan

Selena Gomez seems to have time for nothing to lose. However, the singer works on the principle of "the flea": alleged boyfriend - Niall Horan from the group One Direction - hardly differs fundamentally from Bieber.

Brooklyn Beckham and Chloe Moretz

More recently, it became known that the son of Victoria and David Beckham - 15-year-old Brooklyn girl appeared. And do not anyhow who, and famous actress Chloe Moretz. Young people tend to spend free time together. Not so long ago the couple was spotted in Santa Monica, where young people to skateboard.


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