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So it turns out that this summer I travel quite a lot in Russia. And in mid-June, the magnificent M-4 in 5 hours to get from Moscow to Voronezh. In this city was born sometime Russian navy and airborne troops. But fame brought him universal cartoon kitten in the street Lizyukova. We also visited on this street, walk in Voronezh, we went to Divnogorie - amazing beautiful nature reserve with post-Cretaceous divas. And we were able to get into a very interesting place - bobropitomnik. There, visitors can even pull the tail of a beaver and the Russian horrified mishaps that creates its Canadian counterpart.

So, welcome to the Laboratory Bobrovodstva!

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1. In general, I like to visit all sorts of places where you can cuddle unusual animals. For example, last winter, we stopped at the elk farm near Kostroma. I never thought before that happen to stroke and feed the adult moose calf. Exotica gave that there moose milk and drink their milk is extremely useful. But that is another story.

2. In the meantime, we went early in the morning from Voronezh toward bobropitomniku. Find it quite simply:

From Voronezh have to go in the direction of Tambov and move along the following route: Repnoe - Bobyakovo - turn Orlov - a. Orlov - a. The Paris Commune - to. Small Privalovka - turn on Krasnolesny - after the bridge over the river turn to the right. From the city to the nursery about 50 km. The nature around is beautiful, the road - good quality. So the journey time will pass unnoticed.

We arrived on the scene about 10 am and were the first visitors. The territory, which begins Krasnolesnym refers to Voronezh State Reserve - one of the oldest in Russia. Here are the Museum of Nature and beaver nursery. And this reserve is famous mainly because its staff can be said to have saved our country beaver population from extinction.
The reserve was founded in 1927. A 32-m has already been created beaver nursery, the main purpose of which was to restore the rapidly shrinking population of beavers. Beaver pelts traditionally valued in Russia. And not only. Therefore, the shooting of the animal was massive. The children were so engrossed in this business that had almost killed them all to a man. Thank God, it is time to understand and take an active beaver revive the tribe.
In 1950, the beavers have produced is enough to start to resettle them in other areas and countries. He told us the employee of the reserve, while the beavers were sent even to China.
Today, the second-largest living rodent in the vast territory. Beavers in Russia for half a million, and every second Voronezh roots.


This - the building of the Museum of Nature. While the main bobrovod not yet take over the watch, we went for a walk its halls.
The cost of visiting the museum with a tour service: children - 50 rubles., Adults - 60 rubles. The cost of self-examination of the museum: Children - 40 rubles., Adults - 50 rubles. The tour is available only to groups of 10 people. So we went to inspect themselves. How many wonderful and funny, we found there.

4. The caretaker of the museum

At the entrance you are met here this exhibit that already sets a positive way. But further more. All the details related to the exhibits rather by ordinary natural world, I shall omit.

In one of the first rooms that tell about nature in ancient times, the wall you are looking mammoths. As a child, I studied books about dinosaurs, I always represent these majestic animals big hairy elephant with huge tusks growing out of his mouth. "Ice Age" strengthened my view. The artist also was clearly a separate opinion on this subject. As well, as a child I did not see this picture, and the elephants, mammoths relatives, I would not have liked. Judge for yourself - the strange animal, which tusks grow from the center of the chin, its forms is strongly reminiscent of the element is not mamontyachego torso.


Hilarious beaver mammoth. What will happen next, I'm looking forward to. And, really, happy emotions grew exponentially. In the next room tell visitors about the life of beavers in the wild. Nothing unusual, say. On the one hand, yes. However, few bothered that all the exhibits - a variety of stuffed beaver. We counted them there about 15 pieces. And that's just in one room. Little by little it becomes clear why the state was required to restore the population of the river beast.
For ethical reasons fotkat stuffed beavers, I did not.

6. Modern

But that's not all. After all, the most important thing in his work to revive the kind of employees used a unique method of catching beavers, Vladilen Komarov developed in the mid-1960s. I do not know what he was a scientist, but he hated the Beavers that's for sure. How else could come up with a method that was named in honor of your attention !!! "bullet Komarov" !!!


When we read it on the information boards, power laughing already almost gone. And then a punch in the stomach.
Poor beavers. Naturally, they began to be fruitful, that is forces. And what do some do? Otherwise you'll have here is a permanent head with his method of detecting it - not in time to give birth to offspring. And on the shelf to die even beavers do not want to.

On this positive note, our trip to the museum was finished. We headed to bobropitomnik. Tickets are purchased at the entrance to the museum and cost 25 rubles. For foreign tourists prohibitive price of 60 rubles. That is, they come out, come here.

8. What sort of experiments were put on the poor animals?

On the way to the nursery can be found not so exotic inhabitants of the local fauna. For example, deer or fiery red tomcat.




When we finally came to the door, it turned out that the nursery is closed. Well, all washed down bobrovod, we thought. A beaver up there to keep him company. As a result, neither open the door nor sober beavers we do not see. We sat and waited for about twenty minutes. No one came. At the knock on the door did not respond. We decided to go to the museum, to clarify the situation.
For some reason, we are happy to have agreed to return the money in exchange for not suitable tickets. But just give up and we did not want to give us older demanded by beavers. And, lo and behold! The guard rang a couple of phones, and the right person is found. We ran off back - to such a long-awaited meeting with beavers.

Let us be, nursery superintendent gladly offered to be photographed and to take the beaver. They are not dangerous. The main thing is not to pull for their paws. As soon as we went inside, beavers sensed something was wrong and as soon as the signal, rushed into the water. But one hesitated and was caught. With him is what we have arranged a photo shoot.
In the nursery, of course, dark as beavers - nocturnal. So we had to use the flash. This can be done because, according to him, bobrovoda eyes beaver so arranged that day still can not see anything.




In the laboratory bobrovodstva animals live in small zagonchik. They sloping floor which half is hidden by water. Thus everyone has a personal Beaver River and Berezhok. Many of them are in the river, swam with pleasure. But one always dissatisfied biting cage and shouted something. In the subsequent question about the reason for such behavior, bobroved told us an amazing story.
It turns out that there are two kinds of beavers: Eurasian and Canadian. The first differs strong character and heroic endurance. You can touch it, to stroke, to photograph. No reaction. The Canadian counterpart is quite another warehouse. It is, to put it mildly, weak to stress.
 - When it comes to unpleasant tourist group - says bobrovod - I got to them specifically Canadian beaver. After all, at a time when it rises to the hand of him start to come out all the juice: and feces, and urine and snot. He starts screaming and asking to go back.
So be careful - do not come to the Canadian beaver!

Finally, we went around all the pens, waterproof stroked the fur of beavers, touched their tails (tverdokozhannye and surprisingly warm) and content such vivid impressions and emotions have gone further - in Divnogorie.





Despite the irony of the text, I truly admire these courageous and loving their work people who work for a pittance and, indeed, bring real benefits nature of their business, not slogans!



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