The facts that we can not speak

The facts that we can not speak in public "democrats" and "liberals»

Never tell the facts in the community of the "democrats" and "liberals". Otherwise, you run the risk to see the infarct condition in "human rights" of all kinds and calibers. Not excluded death in the nervous system. But adequate to people who still uses his brain again remind truths at the end of 2012.

Democrats and the other mummers do not like to hear the truth about themselves and their black cases. Despite their modesty and shyness, we absolutely need to know exactly everything about these creatures and the threats that emanate from them ...

- 95% of the total drug in the world is still controlled by Britain, the US and Israel.

- In 1946, Germany was forced to sign a "Chancellor-act", which gives the full right to appoint US chancellors in Germany. This "act" applies to this day.

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- Emission (issue) of the dollar made an independent office (bank) called the Fed, which is not subject to anyone, neither the FBI nor the CIA nor the US Army or the president ... absolutely nobody.

- Russian oligarchs - are financial officers, or simply puppets of the USA and Great Britain on the territory of Russia and CIS countries for the control of financial flows. The goal - to prevent the development of these countries and regions, by bleeding the economy.

- The Central Bank of Russia has been created at the behest of the United States after the collapse of the Soviet Union to destroy the Russian economy, which is still not subject to the Government of Russia (read the Constitution).

- Until now, the Russian ruble is 100% dependent on the purchase of the dollar, and our country has the right to issue (release) Roubles at its discretion. This is called "financial occupation».

- After the arrival of the US in Afghanistan, heroin production has increased the level of 40 (forty) times. Then he goes to Russia and China (guess what?).

- The first and second world wars were instigated and sponsored by Britain and the United States to destroy opponents countries.

- The Orange Revolution in Kyrgyzstan (early 2000s) was sponsored by the United States. They needed a "his" people who quarrel with Russia and US military bases.

- The ultimate goal of the juvenile justice system - birth control, by checking parents before conception.

- Russian Constitution written in 1991 by officials from the US State Department with the help of interpreters. Dictation.

- Germany gave all your media in the hands of the US and Israel in 1945

- Why do "they" could lead Gorbachev and Yeltsin to power, but "failed to notice" Putin? The answer is very simple: even the dogs to bite their owners. Learn the history.

- As the German media, Russia is in the information field-controlled Israel and the United States. Just read the names of those who own 90% of the media in Russia.

- "Fifth Column" in Russia has a financial investment from the US, which are comparable to the annual budget of such countries as Latvia, Uzbekistan, Bolivia and others.

- On planet Earth there is no "world government", but there is a supra-national elites, who play a key role in the processes occurring in the world (wars, crises, revolutions, assassinations). We read the term "corporatocracy».

- According to the supra-national elites in the West, on the ground too many people and it is necessary to deal with it. This is the answer to the question "why the West did not give birth?", "Where crept lesbian, gay?" And so on.

- It is to reduce the world's population are people like Bill Gates, family Rothschild, Rockefeller is sponsoring the development of free vaccines for poor countries. In the long term these vaccinations cause infertility in girls.

- 3 world will certainly over the next 10 years. The US has no other method of survival, but to impose a global war, but most do not participate in it.

- It was during the Second World War the dollar was the only reserve currency, and to maintain its hegemony in the world the United States need 3 world.

- The most ancient (42 thousand. BC) human settlement has been found in Russia, near Voronezh. This fact did not like to mention in textbooks and newspapers, the liberal media, because it means that people are descended from Slavs.

- As history has shown, the most effective way to destroy a people - it is propaganda of alcohol, cigarettes, corruption and racial mixing, under the guise of "tolerance." These 4 "factor" very effectively destroy any nation and lead the country into decline. Guess the name of the country, which severely suppresses all this, especially the last paragraph?

- If you ask the question "Why is now all the troubles on the earth?" Then simply reply: "It's all about the dollar and the US Federal Reserve." And if even more precise, in the case of those people who has managed to create the system and flooded the world with blood.

This if very briefly.

20 things I did not know 20 years

1. The world wants you to be blunt. The dumber you are, the easier for you to sell products and services. TV diagonal size is inversely proportional to intelligence quotient.

2. Do not blindly believe in the educational system. The curriculum is outdated in the first day of your training. (Exception - basic program, but only in the exact sciences, the question of application of fundamental knowledge in everyday life remains open.)

3. Read without stopping, read as much as possible. You never know when you will be useful new knowledge and concepts, but you will be much better prepared for unexpected life.

4. Learn to communicate with others. Avoid people, considering them unworthy of their communication - so do not find customers, friends, or work in the future.

5. To be shy - it's a waste of time. Do not let emotions to steer the decision-making processes.

6. If you do not like something in a relationship with another person - when you break it "something" and will be the cause.

7. How can I communicate better with people older than themselves. Try to understand their value system, their outlook and logical links between environment and decision-making.

8. Find people you can admire and try to beat them.

9. Over time, people have become more conservative. If you want to do risky things - do them while young. I have long come to the conclusion that reformism - a consequence of lack of knowledge and not having focus.

10. Do not waste your money on nonsense Skopje them something serious (including your startup). It will also teach you to spend money in the business: the mind and for the purpose.

11. The choice between spending money on things or experiences, choose experience. The joy of impressions and memories above.

12. Once you have learned to save, learn to earn.

13. Learn how to program. Simply to make a prototype, rather than wasting time and money on something to explain it to someone else. You do not want to program - learn how to do something hands to be able to produce something useful.

14. Do not gain weight in youth. This will reduce your active life of 10-20 years.

15. Learn to cook. The best time to think about something - when you cut the ingredients in the salad or soup.

16. Get enough sleep at night. Lack of sleep greatly affects the quality of decision-making.

17. Write down your business. Memory is not enough, no matter how fantastic it may be.

18. Have a big dream. Being flexible is great, but without a dream it can turn into running in a circle.

19. Become an expert in their field before a change of activity. Here the matter in Rule 10 of the 000 hours, and that must be a good generalist in the past to be a good specialist.

20. Do not try to fix people. Look for those who are not spoiled.


Learn foreign languages ​​2-3. Knowledge of the language also gives insight into the culture and understanding of different points of view and values.

Learn to speak and write culture without errors. The ability to speak fluently, and the case is useful when you convey the views of consumers, as well as to manage people.

Learn ethically compete in the desired areas of life. Life - a very competitive thing, and the inability to compete reduces your chances to change their position or social status.



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