The most tattooed woman in the world

Winner of the title of the tattooed woman in the world by the Guinness Julia Gnuse Committee held in New York photo shoot,
which showed her tattoo. Tattoos occupy 95% of the total body of Julia.
For such cases, she received the nickname of "The Illustrated virgin."

Julia Gnuse born with inherited disorder of pigment metabolism skin - porphyria. In this disease, emit toxic substance that corrodes the subcutaneous tissue. The skin starts to get brown color, becoming thinner and from exposure to sunlight breaks, so patients over time the skin is covered with scars and sores. It is for that to divert the attention of others from such scars on his legs, Julia and began to put on yourself tattoos. And a little carried away.

Julia covered in tattoos not only his feet, but your whole body. "I have a dependence on the tattoo," - she admits now.

All tattoos Julia containing favorite toon characters and famous people, did one master.


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