How to make natural and refreshing soft drinks

We need:
Fruits. Any what you love, except bananas. The fruit should be ripe to maximize reveal their flavor and aroma. Well put into the water berries, citrus, pineapple or watermelon.
Herbs. This is optional. Herbs laying is not necessary if you do not really love. However, sometimes they miraculously emphasize the taste of fruit and the water turns delightful.
Banks or pitchers. Preferably with a lid.
Jug with a strainer. Or you can just take a separate strainer. Berries in a glass of water will not look very attractive, and the taste has to be not very much. so it is best to filter the water.
Muddler (this is tolkushkoy) or just a spoon to mash with fruits and herbs.
Water. Any water you drink always. It may even be the water from the tap, if it is the taste and quality you are satisfied.
We will understand one important issue: what to take fruits, fresh or frozen? The answer is ambiguous. Not in season, of course, better to take the frozen as fresh, if they are in the store, do not usually have the intense flavor that we need, and are expensive. In season, you can look fresh ripe berries and fruits.
What use herbs? What I enjoy, and what is at hand. Usually these recipes use mint, but interesting combinations of flavors and gives basil, rosemary, sage, thyme or lavender.
And now a few recipes. The amount of ingredients stated on 2 liters of water, but you can change the ratio of elements to your liking.

Citrus water
Cut the halves of the circles 1 orange, 1 lime, 1 lemon. We put in a jar, a little mash muddler to give fruit juice, but have not turned to mush. Fill the jar with ice, top up with water up to the edge. Gently stir with a spoon handle. Close the lid, put in the refrigerator or just a cool place.
You can drink at once, but the flavor becomes more complete in 1-2 hours, and even more full flavor of the drink will acquire a day. Even until the next day the ice may melt completely and will not serve as a sieve which separates the water from the pieces of fruit.

Water with raspberries and lime
It turns out interesting, slightly tart drink with pleasant color.
Two lime, cut into quarters, squeeze the juice into the jar hands, then throw quarters in a jar. Add a handful of raspberries. Few suppress fruit, but only slightly. Add the ice water, stir, cover with lid, put in refrigerator.

Water with pineapple and mint
A sprig of mint or mint leaves (if you want them to float beautifully in the bank) put in a container. Slightly fray mint muddler, you should feel her scent. Add the pineapple, mash more. Ice, water, stir, cover with lid, put in refrigerator.

Water with blackberry and sage
It turns delicate and refreshing taste. Add the sage leaves in a jar, a little mash. Adding a handful of blackberries, mash. Ice, water, stir, cover with lid, put in refrigerator.

Water with watermelon and rosemary
Rosemary put in a jar, a little warm up, even with a small force rosemary quickly gives its flavor, so do not be too zealous. Add the cubes of watermelon, very lightly mash. Ice, water, stir, cover with lid, put in refrigerator.
Rosemary, watermelon and pineapple-mint water turns the sweetest. If the rest will seem deflating, you can add honey or sugar. All the same, it will not be worse purchased lemonade. Incidentally, this is only the basic recipe, you can experiment endlessly using other fruits and herbs, different mixing them. This is a huge scope for creativity.
The important question: how many such water can be stored? In the refrigerator - about 3 days. Therefore it is not recommended to do too much water in advance, especially since she is preparing literally 2 minutes, and you do not make much effort to regularly prepare fresh.
In a glass of water can be poured through a strainer to fruits and berries do not fall into it. Or use a jar with a lid, or strainer.
And finally, another advantage of such water - at a party, you surprise your friends this delicious, light and beautiful drink.



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