Simple secrets for maintaining health for years to come!

To be 100% healthy person, the body must be absolutely clean and free from deposits of inorganic minerals that are dissolved in the drinking water from the tap, as well as in the waters of lakes, rivers, wells and other sources. Inorganic minerals contaminate the human body, they form growths that clog the system of blood vessels and thus prevent the passage of necessary substances to the vital organs.

Our body needs absolutely pure water, H 2 O. The maximum approaching a composition of the water contained in the raw, natural way grown fruits and vegetables. Only such water is truly life-giving, filled with solar energy, vitamins, bringing health, organic minerals and enzymes wonderful. Enzymes increase your body's ability to resist any disease, contribute to a better removal of the body of accumulated deposits of inorganic minerals, it helps dissolve toxic substances that try to penetrate deep into tissues and vital organs.

Fresh juices - a wonderful cleanser

The best cleaners viscera of the body and blood are the juices of raw vegetables and fruits. They deserve to be called "the water of eternal youth and good health." Millions invigorating sunshine filled with billions of atoms, energy and plant life. We can use this concentrated solar energy to increase their strength, vigor and physical endurance.

Only the solar energy stored in vegetables and fruits, can help the body cope with reserves of inorganic minerals and toxic substances to which you are allowed to be deposited in your body. Juices of fruits and vegetables are a natural body cleansers.

Try to take each day at least a liter of sun-filled fresh juices of fruits and vegetables.

Buy in store juicer and blender for your body to get rid of the inorganic minerals and toxic waste on our recommended program will require both mechanisms. Perhaps this will be the best investment you have made in my entire life. With a juicer, you can quickly get a variety of juices and mix them in various combinations. Experiment, for example, juices of carrot, beet and celery.

Juices from carrots, beets and celery make it possible to get very rich in organic sodium cocktail. Very useful for the health of cocktails with apple and cucumber juice. Perfectly cleanses the body means for internal juices are green pepper and tomatoes and juices from raw spinach and watercress will fill your blood organic iron. Juice of parsley and carrots are not only very useful, but also gentle on the palate. Juice collard greens (experts School of Medicine at Stanford University made the discovery that he has a healing effect on ulcers), onions, garlic, green peas and many plants are very rich in solar energy, vitamins, organic minerals and enzymes.

To clean the body and improve the blood fruit juice is truly indispensable tool. Hereby the nectar of the gods, I think the juices from apples, pineapple, cherry, black currant, orange, grapefruit, plums, apricots, strawberries.

LET YOUR DRUGS WILL natural foods

What actually happens in the body with the food we have eaten? What has it to life, good health, on the one hand, and to disease, suffering and physical weakness on the other? And how it can help to cleanse the body of inorganic minerals and toxic substances?

On these and similar questions you should have a full and reasoned response. As long as you do not get into deep essence of the processes occurring in your body, do not understand how it is possible to prevent the state of helplessness is to restore health and extend your life, you will make mistakes.

A balanced diet provides the body with the necessary nutrients for it. As we have said, this food is at 3/5 from raw fruits and vegetables; 1/5 of it should be vegetable protein, the remaining fifth portion may be distributed as follows: one-third of it - is natural sugars such as honey; third - natural starches as whole grain cereals and third - unsaturated fats, such as corn, olive, safflower or soybean oil.

This composition of food will give your body a shift towards the alkaline condition and allow to constantly maintain its purity.

"Let food be your medicine and medicine - your food." Hippocrates


To maintain the purity of the body constant, never use these dead devitaminizirovannye products:

• refined white flour and the products thereof, and porous dry cereal and other grain products refined;

• fried potatoes or mashed potatoes;

• refined white sugar and products from it;

• coffee, tea, spirits and soft drinks, cola;

• white rice, ground barley;

• salt. This "product" has no place in a balanced diet. Read carefully the labels on food products sold, and if you see that among the ingredients of the salt, please refrain from purchasing such goods.

If you are not hungry, do not eat anything at all!

Your body needs to earn food, so do not feed it until it is well not be working!

Educate AGAIN YOUR 206 taste buds PERCEIVE natural taste

To go on a diet, which is dominated by products of the dead, the living, you'll need some willpower. Perhaps, for some time, your body will require the foods to which it is accustomed for many years, which would be harmful for him it was. But if you persist and become only use natural products, the old habits in the use of food devitaminizirovannoy soon extinguished themselves.

After a while you will no longer even remember what your body once wanted refined, deep-processed foods, so characteristic of our time cooking. If you go on the stage, how to be born again! Your former half alive existence ceases.

Moreover, taking natural products, you get a stronger pleasure from them as fully in the work of 206 will turn on all your taste buds, which previously were almost paralyzed with salt.

DRINK only distilled water

In addition to the juices of fresh fruits and vegetables, I do not use any other water other than that obtained with the help of a couple that is distilled. Today, when all around us polluted and poisoned the world, the purest liquid on the ground should be considered only distilled water. It has no dissolved or suspended solids. It consists of only two elements, oxygen and hydrogen. No minerals, inorganic or organic, it is also no. It can be used as drinking water and for cooking.

When distilled water enters the human body, it does not leave any deposits therein, including salts and sodium. It is this fluid is most useful for ensuring the proper functioning of the most important "filter" of the body - the kidneys. In other words, it is the most useful for us liquid. Distilled water - ideal fluid for the effective operation of the lungs, stomach, liver and other organs of the body.

Why? Because it has no inorganic minerals. Because it is so pure, doctors around the world prescribe our medicines are prepared on the basis of distilled water.

Just do not believe anyone, including professionals, if you hear that distilled water is dead water. Of course, the fish will not live in this water, because fish need Yeshe vegetation available in ordinary water, and thus the plants are needed for the development of inorganic minerals.

And do not listen to those who say that distilled water leaches the body's calcium, iron and other organic minerals; it is absolutely not true. No scientific laboratory does not prove the validity of such statements. Conversely. Distilled water is so pure and healthy that can be part of the food for newborn babies.


Distilled water exists in nature. This rainwater. However, I must say that at the present time and the air was polluted, and this affects the rainwater: there may be some hazardous substances.

I have a theory that the people mentioned in the Bible who lived by today's standards fantastically long, drinking only the rainwater that "recycling" in the cloud became distilled.

But today, as I just said, we live in an era of environmental pollution, even when the rains can be messy. And such "little presents" as strontium-90 into the atmosphere after nuclear tests generally make rainwater deadly. However, we do not talk about such extreme cases as "peaceful atom" enough and the activities of large enterprises, which emit into the air a wide variety of harmful substances, among which in the first place can be identified sulfur dioxide, lead, carbon monoxide and hundreds of other toxic substances .

Thus, the development of civilization has meant that the use of rain water has become dangerous. And so, to live and to survive in this world poisoned to avoid the danger of complete fossilization of the brain, we need to drink only distilled water.

We do not want to arteries that feed our brains, and other blood vessels were transformed into rocks! But every day you see the older people on the streets with obvious signs of such a process. Perhaps you have heard the word "fossil" or a kind of "fossil", which are used to describe the remains of prehistoric animals that lived on Earth in the distant past. Remember them every time drink a glass of plain water, because at this moment you are contributing to their own petrification. And when a person dies from a fully hardened arteries, there is a logical ending of this process.

Even if the life we ​​have been able to avoid a meeting with a number of dangerous infectious diseases, can not relax: we are constantly on the hunt is the most brutal killer - liming of arteries.

Paul Bragg

"Each person in this life is building a temple by the name of the body ... We sculptors and artists of this structure, and our building material is our own flesh, blood and bones. Wisdom begins with the perfection of human qualities and irrationality - to suppress them. " Henry David Thoreau


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