British farmer built eco-house for 252 dollars

In order to build this unusual house, which resembles a hobbit dwelling, a former art teacher took two whole years to collect all the necessary materials and 8 months to build the home itself.

During its manufacture the farmer did not use power tools and even studied the ancient technique of building. Its construction included a mixture of sand, clay, straw, water and earth. The living area is 300 sq.m.

He also made a simple wooden frame and thatched roof, straw, for which he collected from its own fields. The floor of the house is lined with planks left over from old boats, and glass for windows made of truck abandoned in a landfill.

Because of the lack of central heating may seem that winter in this eco-house will be cold, but Michael says that the mixture from which made the walls and a thatched roof will not let the cold penetrate. Besides handyman built wood-burning stove, which will not allow to freeze.

Also not far from the house there is a spring with drinkable water and detached toilet.

Michael, who spent a lot of time to produce at home, said he was a little disappointed, because the building was not worth anything.

He added: "With proper maintenance the house can stand forever, but it is also natural to return to the land, if left alone.»

Father of three children living in a nearby house with his wife, Sheila, and "dwelling hobbit" leases woman who works at a nearby dairy farm. Because of his views on life, Michael does not take money from it. woman pays him with milk and cream.



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