Chinese inventions (16 photos)

Chinese farmer Li Yuming built a miniature submarine. It can accommodate two adults and one child.
The length of the boat - 3 m, height - 1, 2 meters. Maximum depth - up to 20 meters.

Sledges for driving on ice.

48-year-old farmer Wu Yulu built a walking robot. Creating a "robot" for his hobby.
He is doing this since 1986 and has already built 47 robots "sharpened" under the various functions - jumping, painting, massage, help in the kitchen, pulling carts, etc.

Farmer Yang Yud fashioned gun from cars and pipes to protect their fields from the arrogant developers trying to grab his land.

Demonstration of shooting from cannon

Gao enthusiast bigots built 6-meter helicopter weighing 350 pounds.

Designer Li Lei natatorial invented the wheel. Bike to float eight floats.

Sheila Dean mechanic when building their own aircraft used three engines from motorcycles. Aircraft weight - 130 pounds.

Test aircraft on the frozen reservoir.

49-year-old Zhang Yali build a giant bike weighs more than one ton. He did it as a gift to his 25-year-old son.

Another walking robot master Wu Yulu.

Yu Jun in five years built a helicopter to go in search of Bigfoot in the national park in the central part of China,
and thus continue the work of his younger brother, who died in search of Bigfoot.

Li Yongli inventor built a unicycle.

Inventor Tao built a submarine of the old iron barrels.
The boat has two screws driven by electric motors.


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