Chinese scientists have developed solar cells weatherproof

Chinese scientists have developed an innovative solar panels that can generate electricity even at night and in bad weather. Articles about the invention have appeared in several well-known international scientific journals.

On the development of working scientists from the Chinese University of Oceanography Qingdao, Prov. Shandong and Yunnan normal University.

In order for solar panels can produce energy even at night, Chinese scientists have added to the phosphor with long afterglow. In the afternoon, when the sun shines, the efficiency of such panels increased slightly, but the energy of the unabsorbed solar cells sunlight is stored in the phosphor and processed night, said the Professor of the Chinese University of Oceanography tan Suniva, one of the main designers of innovative solar panels.

Night, stored energy is emitted by a monochromatic visible radiation, which absorbs and transfers the absorbent in the form of electricity, he explained. Thus, innovative solar panels can not only work day and night, said the Chinese researcher.

In the dark the efficiency of conversion of solar energy into electricity on solar panels is 25 percent. and more, and in this mode battery can work for several hours, said Tang, Suniva.

Improved solar panels generate electricity at any time and under any weather conditions, said Chinese scientists.

In recent years, Chinese scientists have been making great strides in the improvement of solar cells.

Last year tan Convey and his colleagues announced a new design, with which solar panels can produce electricity even in rainy weather. published


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