Weird coincidence or a message in a bottle

The captain was killed, the first mate thrown overboard. I, the second mate, forcibly put in charge of the wheel. They make me steer the boat at the mouth of the Amazon (28 degrees of longitude, latitude 22 degrees, the rate of 3, 5 knots). Save! ".
Captain patrol boat immediately check availability of this ship on the book by Lloyd's Register and actually found a British ship "Sea Hero", assigned to the port of Hull. Brazilian ship changed course and immediately rushed to help. After a short time the rebels captured the ship appeared on the horizon, the military quickly took him and disarmed the rebels.
It was possible to save the second mate hedgers and two men who refused to join the rebels. Hedger was very surprised when I learned that the help has come so quickly thanks to a note in a bottle, which he threw into the sea. It turned out that no note he did not write and did not even have the opportunity to do it.
Even in England, where the rebels with the "Sea Hero" was tried, finally solve the mystery of this mystical story of Brazilians caught the note. It turned out that even 16 years before launching the "Sea Hero" writer John Permington published the novel "Sea Hero", where he wrote about the revolt on the same ship.
Touting his novel, the writer threw into the sea five thousand. Bottles with a fragment of the novel of the mutiny on the ship. It is such a bottle in 32 years (!) Caught the Brazilians ... Providence has been pleased to note all coincided with the real situation, which at the time was developing at the present, not a fantasy writer ship.



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