"What a fool I was rare," or why Wasserman ceased to be anti-Soviet

- Just a couple of decades ago, I - as well as a large part of the then proletarians of intellectual work, including almost all of my friends - feverishly devoured publications progressive publications like "Ogonyok", violently indignant open before me pictures of blatant immorality of our history. In particular, the criminal section was struck between the two Eastern European countries still bloody dictatorships - the international communist and national socialist. Although not quite understand what this agreement is worse Munich gift when Britain and France gave Germany the whole of Czechoslovakia with one of the biggest and best in Europe, the military-industrial complexes, but was ready to believe that the Communists - unlike the capitalists - and never can be no justification.
But gradually I came across and publications convincingly refute everything I worshiped from 1961, when read materials XXII Congress of the CPSU (in the spring of 1956, when held XX Congress, I still could not read, but in the retelling took only a small part said).
It started with books Valerevicha Alexei Isayev. By that time I already felt some internal contradictions in the writings of Vladimir Bogdanovich Rezun. But it Isaev the first I've seen writers do not just show the nature of these contradictions, but also proved their conscious focused.
Then the works of Viktor Zemskov finished with the legend of the tens of millions of repressed, and after publishing group Gregory Fedotovich Krivosheeva was indecent to talk about the lowering of the Germans by Soviet corpses.
A few years ago I was shocked by the book of Yuri Zhukov, "Sometimes Stalin» (http://publ.lib.ru/ARCHIVES/J/JUKOV_Yuriy_Nikolaevich/Inoy_Stalin.%282005%29.[doc].zip). But after it completed the investigation of Vladimir Mikhailovich Chunikhina (http://zhurnal.lib.ru/c/chunihin_w_m/), I had to admit that Stalin Dzhugashvili was not only the main villain of our story, but the extent of his powers generously and the ability to counteract the true villains. And Elena Prudnikov (http://publ.lib.ru/ARCHIVES/P/PRUDNIKOVA_Elena_Anatol%27evna/_Prudnikova_E._A..html) withdrew similar charges with Lavrentiy Beria. All of these materials, I, of course, met with a fair internal resistance, but was not able to refute. Moreover, in light of the entire array of available instruments of the period I gained an inner harmony and consistency, and the documents previously seemed a strange and outliers, undoubtedly proved fraudulent.
Deeply antipathetic to me - and excessive sharpness of expressions, and many countries of the world and society, and obvious even to me incompetence in many aspects of military affairs - Yuri Ignatievich Mukhin appeared nevertheless undeniable in its refutation of the legend of the massacre of Polish prisoners by Soviet power in 1940 th. All subsequent criticism of his publications on the subject represents a continuous retreat of his opponents under the pressure of obvious facts, disguised by numerous vicious circle (when several unproved statements are used as evidence of each other).
Finally, another link all the same chain, pulling our history of slanderous pit forge Alexei A. Kungurov (http://publ.lib.ru/ARCHIVES/K/KUNGUROV_Aleksey_Anatol%27evich/_Kungurov_A._A..html). Of course, in his book "Secret protocols or Who forged the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact" (M .: The algorithm: Product 2009 publ.lib.ru/ARCHIVES/K/KUNGUROV_Aleksey_Anatol%27evich/Sekretnye_protokoly.%282009%29.[djv].​zip) does not contain a complete transcript of talks in Moscow 1939.08.23: even if it was carried out, it is unlikely in the foreseeable future, it will publish the official (and even publish - hardly all at once unconditionally believe in its reliability.) Moreover, in the book there are certainly drawbacks and outright mistakes (mostly - error OCR scanned documents). But, as they say fans Rezun, "in the main, he's right!" After reading the book is no longer possible to doubt: in the negotiations has been said - and even more written - a single word or a sign of belonging to the division of the territory, a secret appendix to the treaty of non-aggression - a fake, designed by the Americans in 1946, and all subsequent official publications on this subject - as fakes, composed by a blatant external pressure aimed at the delegitimization of our country as a whole. Moreover, these signs of tampering Kungurova so obvious that after reading the book I just have to be ashamed of his then inadvertently generated by criminally thoughtless credulity.
Several consoles one thing. A string of thieves songs, chosen as the title, and has a version of "What a fool I was rare," in this case is entirely inapplicable. The same fools like me, were then very much. And if I (albeit slowly and with considerable help of others) the then get rid of illusions - it is hoped that others infected with the same virus propaganda, also gradually recover.

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