As our ancestors fought

The debate about how our ancestors fought, good or bad, in the Second World War - is infinite. Definitely, if you have a clever commander, your chances of survival are not bad, but a fool all PCs. It has long been one veteran told his company, enhanced "strangers" (pers. ~ 200), threw some plugging a hole in our defense in the district of Kryvyi Rih. The task was to keep the "last drop of blood," the only way to take advantage of the German tanks. Tanks stop and die - bliss! Roth drove to the place, shipped nearly the whole "lorry" anti-tank grenades, said that tanks will tomorrow probably a lot and left. They had to live less than a day. NO other anti-tank weapons are not provided. The commander inspected the area and ordered: - It's a shame people to visit us from Germany are going, and we have such a broken road. "Crazy probably from fear" - thought by many. The commander continued: - all shake out all of knapsacks and me. Roth went on the road to a nearby hill of slag, with some metallurgical factory nearby. The commander made to gain the slag in bags and carried to the mound. At the very way the slag poured unevenly, more where the road goes in gorochku. - That they were slip - commander mumbled. Shlakozasyp lasted a very long time, all of the bags were torn to pieces, the blades to grind off the cuttings. I fall asleep almost two kilometers of the road. People angry and tired now because more and dig midnight. Morning shlakogor signaled: "I see the tanks." Clutching his almost useless grenades, soldiers know that life is over. Finally, the tanks began to come to the "well-organized" way. The third tank columns lost caterpillar first, and a minute later the epidemic has swept the rest of the machine, the number eight. Stand-up tank, if not anger, not a dangerous thing. I do not quite understand your IP das Germans killed a tow truck and tank. The infantry, the Germans are not bad, forward without the tanks will not go - the mash. Our on them "For Stalin" run up, too, there is no reason. Commander, formally carried out the combat mission - to stop the tanks sent a messenger to find some bosses and pass "The task is complete. No casualties were reported, "The messenger brought the good news: the night can leave behind the defense there. It will be possible, then we will cover the artillery. The secret to the commander in his education equipment by cold working. Nikelshlaki - waste metal, scary abrasive, only slightly inferior to corundum and alumina. No fingers caterpillars will not stand bullying such rubbish, and that is nice - a caterpillar becomes unusable as a whole, taking with him a large part of the entire drive.



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