7 most correct way to use a herring

On October 6, Finland held the feast of herring. We, unfortunately, this is not a holiday, but we could not ignore the product, without which no cost, no traditional Russian feast. So today we bring you 7 ways to correctly use herring as well as interesting facts about some of them. Here you are, for example, know why herring "under a fur coat»? ..

1. saline
Of course, you can buy a ready-salted herring in the store. Is it possible to pickle herring yourself as you like it, not to be satisfied, "srednesolenoy" fish.
Reveal a secret: it turns out the most delicious salted herring, made from fish caught in the cold winter. Such fat herring has increased and, therefore, be very gentle, soft and delicious.

2. Biting
Herring deservedly considered one of the best snacks for vodka. You do not need to reinvent the wheel, but enough to put it on a piece of black bread, and top - onion rings.

3. Dress up in a fur coat
Every self-respecting hostess your recipe and design "herring under a fur coat." Therefore, we will not attempt to teach you how to alternate layers, and it is better to tell you the fascinating story of the origin of this popular dish, and its name, which few people know.
The dish was first presented on the eve of the new 1919 restaurant Bogomilova Anastas called "SH.U.B.A.", which stands for "chauvinism and decline - Boycott and Anathema." And the dish was invented in order to consolidate and reduce the number of visitors drunken dispute (as well as reduce the level of intoxication hearty snack), poured into a fight and causing significant damage to the institution. So, here symbolized proletarians herring, potatoes - peasants, and blood-red beets - the Bolshevik banner.

4. Chop into mincemeat
Forshmak of ground herring refers to the classic Jewish cuisine. "Forshmak eat first - for the appetite, because it is called" mincemeat ". You can even snack Forshmak good cold glass of vodka. Drink vodka can also be mincemeat. It is desirable, of course, that any one, but you can never get out of this vicious circle. The great thing mincemeat, and he will be remembered, love is in Odessa, even when no Jews in it will not remain "- from the book" Boris Burda Treats »

5. Screw in rollmops
Rollmops - pickled herring, twisted into rolls stuffed. Inside are usually placed gherkin or onion rolls and held together with wooden sticks. It remains a mystery why these rolls named after pugs, but there is a version that the name of this dish was invented in the 19th century thanks to the vogue for Pugs. Perhaps, rolled in a roll with cucumber herring someone reminded dog muzzle.

6. stuffed eggs
Eggs stuffed with herring - sounds pretty unusual? But in fact, very tasty! Eggs are perfectly combined with herring, to which is added mayonnaise, herbs and mustard.

7. Fry or bake
This is not the most popular way to use herring in Russia, but it is quite common in the kitchens of the Nordic countries. You can try as an experiment.
Bon appetit!



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