Russian words and phrases that put aliens to a standstill

In this selection of words, expressions and funny stories about the great and powerful, but difficult for a Russian to foreigners. :) The story about a Russian "Nothing»
When Otto Bismarck lived in St. Petersburg, he studied Russian. But he could not comprehend the meaning of the word "nothing". Open Secret Russian "nothing" to help him one case. Once he hired a coachman, but doubted that his horse can go fast enough. "Nothing-oh!" - Replied the driver and raced smartly on rough roads. Bismarck worried:
- Yes, you did not fall out?
- Nothing! - Replied the driver.
Then the sleigh overturned, and Bismarck flew into the snow, smashing his face. In a rage, he swung at the coachman steel cane, and the big hands zagrёb handful of snow to wipe the bloodied face of Bismarck, and all saying: "Nothing ... nothing-oh."
After this incident, Bismarck ordered the ring of the cane with an inscription in Latin letters: "Nothing!". In difficult moments, he felt relief, saying to himself in Russian: "Nothing!". When the "Iron Chancellor" reproached for being too soft on Russia, he replied: "In Germany, only I say," Nothing! ", And Russia - all the people».

The Japanese ...
the problem with the Russian "L", this letter is simply not in their language. Therefore, any words in which it is present, they are complicated. If your name is, for example, Lola Lilolova, the love affair with the Japanese will be difficult to make.

This greeting is marked as the most difficult Russian word for pronunciation. Perhaps because it consists of four consecutive consonants. Another difficult word - "starless».

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