Einstein's brain, tomatoes for Hillary Clinton and other

The lion's share of the first edition of the Oxford dictionary was compiled psychiatric patients, to cut off their own ne * IP.

In 1799, a boy from Northern California playing in the creek and found a beautiful shiny stone weighing 7 pounds 7. He brought his parents and finding the next three years lain stone in front of the house, performing the function of door opening limiter. It was gold.

During a visit to Egypt in 2012, Hillary Clinton threw tomatoes and shoes under the protesters chanting "Monica, Monica".

Richard Nixon was an excellent game of poker. So much so that his first election campaign was almost entirely organized on money won in poker while serving in the Navy.

After Einstein's death in 1955, conducted the autopsy doctor from Princeton dragged brain scientist to his home for "research." Of course, he was immediately fired, the more that flatly refused to return stolen. After several decades of this doctor has done on the machine the way to California, specifically in order to regain his granddaughter Einstein's brain.

The reason that dogs and cats are so fond of lying in the sun, lies in the fact that the only way the oily cholesterol in the skin of animals is converted into vitamin D3. This substance ingested by animals when they lick their dense coat and not absorbed through the skin, as in humans.

In 1980, the New York mafia boss neighbor John Gotti accidentally knocked his 12-year-old son, drove down the street on a motorcycle. As a result, the boy died. Three months later, the neighbor has gone missing, and more about him and no one has ever heard anything.

One third of people involuntarily sneezes, looking at the sun.

In Alaska, home to tree frogs, which every winter freeze, literally turning into icicles. Frog heart stops, the blood stops flowing and even eye ledeneyut becoming completely white. In the spring they thaw and start to ride, like new!

Neanderthals possessed a much more voluminous brain than we do, and the body they were much stronger and hardier. Not only that - they also mastered sailing for a few thousand years earlier.

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