The traditional dishes from different cuisines of the world (23 photos)

Culinary tourism is becoming increasingly popular among the fans enjoy the national dishes of different parts of the world. These tours can bring zest and variety on a journey through familiar places for a long time and look at the country with new eyes. After all, every country has such unique dishes, which she can be proud of and call them traditional.

Yakitori - Japan

If you are bored with the land, then, being in Japan, go in search of the tents, where they cook yakitori. It's not just grilled chicken with sauce of sweet rice wine (mirin), sake, soy vinegar and sugar, but also informal hangout young people and all who wish to have a meal after a hard day. Baklava - Turkey

Turkish bakers and pastry baklava recipe is complemented with bright green pistachios and sweet baked cream (Turkish cream). Only in seven regions of the Eastern Mediterranean, you can find so many recipes for baklava. This confection is also popular in Iran and Afghanistan.

Antikuchos - Peru

Antikuchos is roasted on a spit pieces of meat (usually a beef heart) sauce. Such national Peruvian dish you can try, and in many other parts of South America. Antikuchos - classic street dish that costs less than a dollar per serving and is perfect for travelers on a budget.

Paratha - India

Paratha - this Indian bannock, preparing options where there are more than forty, and which can be enjoyed in Malaysia, Mauritius, Maldives, Myanmar and Singapore. Cake stuffed with vegetables or meat and dip in butter, yogurt or tea.

Putin - Canada

Putin - a slide of French fries (or chips), deep fried, drenched salinity brown sauce and sprinkle with fresh cheese. As a rule, the basis of the sauce - it's chicken soup, but it is the broth of veal, beef, and sometimes comes across a vegetarian option. The cheese is so fresh, that after every bite he crunches on the teeth. The very name of the dish means "confusion." However, this is the most delicious "disorder" that you have ever tasted.

Kallalu - Caribbean

Kallalu - is a cross between exotic vegetables such as water spinach, amaranth and Dasha. From this comes an excellent vegetable stew or side dish to meat dishes. Despite the fact that kallalu grown in the eastern part of the Caribbean is actually a vegetable of African origin. From kallalu prepared as a vegetarian dish with the addition of okra and coconut milk and spicy dishes of seafood - crab, lobster, or mussels. Options kallalu dishes vary depending on the host country.

Kao Soi - Thailand

This noodle soup, which is served in Laos, Thailand and Burma, but in each of the countries of this soup has its own idiosyncrasies. Rice noodles (sometimes fried) is rolled out and cut with scissors. Then, it is added to the broth of cabbage, pork, roasted chili peppers, fermented soybean and / or coconut milk curries. This dish not often seen in Thai restaurants in the West.

Chapulines - Mexico

This dish is often sold on the markets or oahakanskih during sporting events, as chapulines - a snack of grasshoppers, which you can try in the summer. Simultaneously, sour, spicy and salty taste grasshoppers achieved by toasting them with garlic, lemon and salt.

Chicken with waffles - US

This strange combination is a favorite brunch in the United States. Despite the fact that this dish has a long history, it has only recently become a popular delicacy in the country. And if you add the maple syrup, honey or hot sauce, the dish will combine both sweet and savory aromatic notes.

Pintxos - Spain

«Pincho» in Spanish means "skewer", so the products used for the preparation of pintxos (sausage, smoked fish, vegetables and local cheeses), held together with toothpicks slices of bread. Serve pintxos bars of the Basque Country in northern Spain to beer or red wine.

Dumplings - Slovakia

Dumplings is a cousin of the Slovak macaroni and cheese; prepared with potato dumplings, mix with butter and melted goat cheese - cheese and sprinkle with chopped bacon. Locals sometimes watered yogurt dumplings (žinčica) or beer. A village called Turecká hosts the annual festival of eating dumplings brynzovyh.

Asado - Argentina

The word "asado" in Argentina and represent a dish, and barbecue equipment, and a meeting place of people. Beef ribs, pork sausages and chicken legs roasted on a spit over an open fire for two hours. This dish is also prepared in Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Peru.

Kosharite - Egypt

Kosharite (or Kosharite) - Egyptian version of the dish "Rice-a-Roni." For its preparation is taken rice, pasta, lentils, tomato sauce and chickpeas, all mixed and turns a favorite delicacy of the Egyptian middle class and vegans.

Pastilla - Moroccan

Pastilla - a Moroccan meat pie, made from puff pastry filled with meat pigeons and saffron, cinnamon and coriander. All this delicious stuffing wrapped sweet wrapper called «werqa» and sprinkle with powdered sugar. Pastilla is neither a main course or dessert - it is served as an appetizer in special cases.

Fufu - Ghana

It is an African dish made of boiled and pounded cassava and bananas, has the consistency of marshmallow and semi-sweet taste. To eat fufu, you do not need any utensils. Instead of fufu formed small balls and then swallowed.

Wade - India

These lentil, potato or onion donuts (or cakes) are a typical breakfast for the residents of South India and Sri Lanka. This donut with 300 calories each, consumed as a snack or served with the main course.

Pie Saskatoon - Canada

The Canadian city of Saskatoon was named in honor of the berries that grew in abundance during the resettlement of immigrants to Canada. This berry resembles a cross between a cranberry and blueberry, and taste similar to black currants. Local bakers are still prepared according to old Saskatoon, classic recipes, handed down from generation to generation.

Balik-ekmek - Turkey

Grilled sandwich of mackerel can be purchased in the vicinity of Istanbul in the Eminönü area, as well as street vendors or directly from the boats sailing along the Galata Bridge and Atatürk.

Goat stew - Montserrat

Despite the fact that the meat is beef goat cheaper, but it is softer and softer, and it has less fat. Goat stew is the national dish of Montserrat and the Caribbean islands such as St. Kitts and Nevis, and St. Croix is ​​a meal at a premium. The dish is added different spices (curry, cloves, chili peppers, coriander) and local vegetables.

Lobster soup - Iceland

Lobsters in Iceland are in great abundance, and lobster dishes can be found in every restaurant menu. 900 grams of this crustacean the size of a giant shrimp fried in garlic oil, so its flesh turns tender and the broth - warming.

Semites - Mexico

A traditional Mexican town of Puebla are stuffed sandwiches Semite. They are made from pork or beef with chopped into slices of avocado, onion, Kecil (cheese) on sesame bun under Mexican red sauce.

Pikarones - Peru

Pikarones - a donut of zucchini and sweet potatoes, dessert is considered to be in Peru. The name "ricaron" means capricious and harmful man, and he praised the Peruvian desert poets and musicians.

Choppino - US

While Italian food is not part of the national cuisine of San Francisco, still choppino (which, by the way, invented by Italian fishmongers, turning the remnants of fish in the sea stew), you can try in the dive bars and five-star restaurants. Stew is a mixture of all kinds of seafood: clams, shrimp, scallops, squid, mussels, crabs and various fish, fried in a tomato broth or wine.


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